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A few weeks ago, SMCS’ Visual Arts teacher, Mrs. Dunham, arrived at school to see yet another pop-up mural on her whiteboard. Like all of the other murals that have appeared overnight this year, it depicted a scene from the Bible. This time, it was a beautiful sketch of Jesus turning water into wine at the Wedding at Cana.

More recently, she arrived in her room to a neatly stacked pile of drawings with a note that read, “I made some drawings for the students of your class. I hope you like it.” It was signed by fellow SMCS staff member, Jerry Duenas.

These drawings were in fact messages of thanks, individually created for each student who had written Mr. Duenas a thank you for sharing his talents and faith throughout the school year in such an engaging way. Every time he left a mural, Mrs. Dunham would read her students the Bible story depicted in his surprise work. As seen in the images below, the beautiful drawings Jerry made for each student were also largely biblical in subject matter (with a few sharks and one soccer player thrown in!).

If you love seeing Jerry’s art as much as we do, you can see more–including this time lapse video of a full color mural– on his dedicated Facebook page. Thank you, Jerry, for sharing your talents so generously with our students and the wider community this school year. You are a blessing to us all!