You are currently viewing PRAYER: Honor Code Signing

Prayer by Mrs. Slifka, IB MYP Individuals & Societies Religion Teacher

“Help us to love you more through actions of honor.”

Lord, I ask You to bless us with wisdom, love, and understanding for each other and give us hearts that continue to love each other and open up our minds to accepting what You want for us. 

I Pray that we may increase our trust in God’s goodness and mercy. May we honor each other this year in what and how we speak to each other, as much as what we choose not to say to each other. Help us hold comments that are not loving or good.

We ask Saint Therese of Lisieux to help us pray. She said that she would spend her time in heaven doing good on earth.  Please pray for us that God might help us spread goodness throughout our school.

Saint Therese, Pray for us that we, like you, may have great confidence in the loving promises of our God. Pray that we may live our lives in union with God’s plan for us, and one day see the Face of God.

Saint Therese, you were faithful to God even unto the moment of your death. Pray for us that we may be faithful to our loving God. May our lives bring peace and love to the world through faithful endurance in love for God our savior.

Loving God, you blessed St. Therese with a capacity for great love. Help us to believe in your unconditional love for each of your children. Help us share that love with each other.

I love you, Lord. Help us to love you more through actions of honor. Honor for our teachers, our parents, each other, and even ourselves!

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end.