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Student Reminders

On Friday, May 3rd, all students should report to school as follows:

  • Bring one cut flower (for May crowning offering)
  • Wear Mass uniform
  • No backpack or lunchbox
  • No water bottle
  • Bring disposable morning snack (with no containers to take home)

All students will be provided with water.

Schedule Overview

  • 8:00-8:15 Grandparent Check-in at Church
  • 8:15 – 8:45 Classroom Visits
  • 9:00 School Mass & May Crowning Ceremony (Students may sit with family members)
  • 10:00 Grandparent Reception (Students return to class)
  • 10:40 Spring Sing in the Church (Students sit with their class)
  • 11:30 Dismissal/Carpool
  • ASC will be offered to regular attendees until 4:30pm

Please note that our annual Art Show & Awards Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd. This is a change from previous years.

8:00am – Grandparents Day: Please RSVP!

Grandparents or other local family members are invited to join us for a very special morning that will include our annual May Crowning ceremony and our Spring Sing musical program.

All attendees will be welcomed starting at 8:00am in the Upper Commons of St. Mary’s Church. Please use the Church’s main entry doors.

Middle School students will escort grandparents to Classrooms beginning at 8:15am. Classroom visits will end promptly at 8:45am. Students (except those who are flower basket carriers) may accompany their Grandparents to Mass.

9am – School Mass & May Crowning

During School Mass, two representatives from each class will bring baskets filled with single flowers brought in by students as offerings to the Virgin Mary.

At the end of Mass, Father Mike will invite Mr. Schaefer to announce the 8th grader elected by their peers for embodying Mary’s holiest attributes. This student and their family (if present) will then process to the statue of Mary to bestow a floral crown atop the Queen of Heaven’s head as part of our school’s longtime tradition.

All students will be dismissed back to their classroom after the May Crowning ceremony.

10am – PTO Grandparent’s Day Reception

Grandparents will be hosted in the Upper Commons by our Pastor, Principal and PTO for a brief talk and social gathering between the end of Mass and the start of the Spring Sing concert. Students will begin to filter back into the church quietly with their classes between 10:20 and 10:30 in preparation for the concert.

Grandparents should remain in the Upper Commons or return to their seats in the church; however, please note that all students must sit with their classroom teacher during the Spring Sing.

10:40am – Spring Sing

The Spring Sing will be the finale of our May 3rd festivities starting at approximately 10:40 a.m. and concluding at approximately 11:20am.

Guests will be treated to performances by our student Choir members as well as music students in grades JK, K, 2, 4, & 6. Select 8th graders have also prepared a piece under the guidance of our Music Teacher, Mrs. Moretti.

At the conclusion of the performance you may sign out your child/grandchild with their teacher if you wish for them to be released directly to you instead of returning to their classroom before the planned 11:30am dismissal.

11:30am – Early Dismissal

If students remain with their class after the Spring Sing, they will be dismissed during our regular carpool procedure at 11:30.

Please remember to be patient and careful as you leave the parking lot!