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As part of a contest opportunity called Carton2Garden, our school garden club is up-cycling milk cartons from the school cafeteria into planters. The SMCS Garden Club, Girl Scout Cadette Troop 5163, Saint Mary’s students and alumni and staff are all helping to spruce up the cartons so that they are miniature works of art. The Virginia Department of Forestry is donating seedlings to be planted in the cartons under the watchful eye of Truetimber’s Scott Turner.

In exchange for a suggested donation of just $5 each, you will be contributing to a Green, Good and Joy-Giving project! 

The beneficiaries:

1. You! You will get a lovely little tree that can be planted as soon as you’d like as long as the ground is not frozen!
2. The school garden: some of the proceeds from donations will go toward refurbishing the raised beds in our school garden. 
3. People in Richmond experiencing homelessness: some of the proceeds will also go to help our former school chef Gene Garrision in his ministry to the homeless via a Salvation Army mobile food kitchen.
4. Girl Scout Cadette Troop 5163, which is working on this project as part of its bronze service award.

BONUS: If we win one of the Carton2Garden contest prizes, the SMCS garden and the people experiencing homelessness will benefit even more, so please pray for a win!

SEEDLING DELIVERY/PICK-UP: If you are a school family, we will try to send your seedling(s) home at the end of the day with your child or one of your children whom you can indicate on the next page. If you are a parish or community family, we will have your seedling(s) at the school office for you to pick up, and we will contact you with more information once the seedlings are ready.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Please contact Jennifer Janus.