You are currently viewing ALBUM: WAX MUSEUM 2023

This year’s edition of the 4th Grade Wax Museum was as impressive as ever thanks to careful curation carried out by Museum Directors, Mrs. Carleton and Mrs. Trout. Critical research assistance was overseen by Mrs. Lavallee. In addition to the beautifully costumed wax figures on display, there was impressive array of artifacts that could be perused by all Museum goers. Somehow, those clever Museum folks even figured out how to program the Milton Hershey display to distribute Hershey’s kisses chocolate treats to all attendees!

We invite you to listen to a sample of one wax figure below and enjoy browsing through the photo album of historical artists, astronauts, aviators, adventurers, authors, athletes, aristocrats and more…

Above: 4th Grader Maggie H. doubles as Madame Marie Curie at the 2023 SMCS Wax Museum.