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The days are long but the years are short, as the saying goes. This rings particularly true for our graduating eighth graders and their families. Some of these students have been at Saint Mary’s since preschool!

The good news is that there are still several fun activities planned for this group as they prepare to graduate and move on toward high school as Saint Mary’s alumni. The bad news? We already miss them like crazy.

Here’s where our eighth grade graduating class members are headed next:

  • Alexa B. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Emma B. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Josephine B. – Cardinal Newman High School
  • Quincy B. – Mills E. Godwin High School
  • Trip C. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Ryan D. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Sophia D. – J.R. Tucker ACA Program
  • Christian F. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • James G. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Claire G. – Douglas S. Freeman High School
  • Brigid G. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Chance G. – Blue Ridge School
  • Chase G. – Blue Ridge School
  • Matt H. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Tracy H. – Trinity High School
  • Virginia H. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Megan J. – Mills E. Godwin High School
  • Julia J. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Annie K. – Douglas S. Freeman Leadership Program
  • Reese K. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Bailey L. – Trinity High School
  • Lucas L. – Mills E. Godwin High School
  • Luke L. – Deep Run High School
  • Liam M. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Owen M. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • James O. – Deep Run Center for Information Technology
  • Lourdes O. – The Steward School
  • Niall O. – Mills E. Godwin High School
  • Gabriel R. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Libby S. – Glen Allen HS Center for Education & Human Development
  • Ella S. – Douglas S. Freeman Leadership Program
  • Ava S. – Saint Gertrude High School
  • Bella S. – J.R. Tucker ACA Program
  • Josie S. – Collegiate School
  • Noah T. – Douglas S. Freeman High School
  • Paolo T. – J.R. Tucker ACA Program
  • Mac T. – Benedictine College Preparatory
  • Charlotte W. – Saint Gertrude High School

Many thanks to Jennifer Janus for compiling this information (with the help of Mrs. Bisese and Mr. Schaefer) and guest writing this week’s blog.