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This charming white board drawing entitled, “Colombia” was discovered in Ms. Dunham’s art room on Tuesday morning! She immediately knew who the mystery artist was.

Spontaneity can seem in short supply these days. It seems we cannot do anything or go anywhere without making plans and appointments weeks, if not months, in advance. And even then we have to remind ourselves to be flexible and roll with change depending on our health, the health of others and lately, we even have to roll with weather-related delays and closings!

But then, we are reminded (once again!) of the abundance of blessings in our community. One such reminder appeared, Good Will Hunting style, on Mrs. Dunham’s art room white board this week. Sixth grade students were delighted to see it when they arrived and wanted to know who was responsible for the beautifully drawn landscape depicting rural Colombia.

Who was the mystery artist? Jerry Duenas, a member of the nighttime custodial and maintenance team responsible for keeping our school safe and clean for students and faculty members. This is not the first “art abandonment” gift he has anonymously left to be found by school staff members. In fact, over the last couple of years, Mr. Duenas has left several pieces including a stunning painting of a parrot that resides in Mr. Hess’ office near a very familiar bobble head figure.

While capturing a photo of the whiteboard art, several staff members who had come to admire the unexpected blessing noticed another beautiful work of art nearby, this time in the form of a framed thank you note from a student. We were all stunned at the student’s beauty and striking resemblance to her chosen Wax Museum personality, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

These chance encounters with works of art hiding in plain site were timely reminders this week of the unexpected blessings we continue receive despite the many changes we continue to navigate together at Saint Mary’s Catholic School!

Related: Students in grades 2, 3 and 5 learned about Banksy, an anonymous street artist, renowned for the very public partial shredding of his now iconic 2002 piece known as Girl With Balloon, officially titled There is Always Hope.

Inspired by this work, our students then created their own black and white art featuring bright red heart shapes. We hope that their artwork brings an unexpected spark of joy to your week and reminds you that we are part of a very special school and parish community!