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Each year, we eagerly await the announcement of the name of our 8th grade leader who is elected by their classmates to crown our Heavenly Mother on the day of our May Crowning ceremony. This moment is without a doubt among the day’s highlights. This year’s honor was bestowed upon Becky S.!

But who are the student leaders from each grade who bring baskets of flower offerings to the altar before Mass?

These students, usually one boy and one girl, are selected by their homeroom teacher for displaying the same traits as Mother Mary: godliness, strength, humility, purity and devotion, to name but a few.

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to represent their grade this year. You can see photos of student offerings on our school Facebook page.

HomeroomStudent 1Student 2
JKParker S. (JK-K)Lucas P. (JK-C)
K-CSebastian H.Maisie C.
K-SJames W.Emma W.
1-PGeorge S.Molly S.
1-NJames B.Kate D.
2-RZain K.Audrey S.
2-KRHenry S.June N.
3-OZack W.Elisabeth J.
3-TLucca P.Sophia M.
4-CNoah M.Annie S.
4-TLucas C.Beanie M.
5-DLogan B.Charlotte B.
5-BJack K.Reagan M.
6-DHenry K.Laura Grace C.
6-BRyan M.Evie U.
7-BHank E.Hannah D.
7-HBo T.Kiera W.
8-SRemy M.Anna H.
8-HEast B.Leona B.