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I often find inspiration for weekly blogs by walking through the halls after morning prayer. Today, I dropped off a first grader to her classroom just as her peers were excitedly heading to PE, so upon leaving I had the chance to take in some of the adorable artwork that adorns the halls our Early Childhood Development (ECDC). I was searching for a topic or theme. I was searching for a WHAT.

Along the way I encountered a teacher who was clearly energized by our recent break but also honest in her hope that she could sustain her energy and finish the year as strong as she had started. Which of course got me wondering, after such a strange year, HOW do we collectively set ourselves up for success as we enter the final quarter?

The simple answers literally leapt off the walls in the form of brightly colored construction paper kites, lightbulbs and candles: FAITH, KINDNESS and PRAYER.

As I mounted the stairs back to the elementary hallway, I saw a giant multicolor flower made in the shape of our students hands affirming that God indeed “calls us to work together.” Somehow I had missed seeing this on my initial trip down the hall with my tiny Monarch charge. It’s a stunning reminder of our resilience and beauty as a community. It’s hanging near second graders’ family trees–smaller scale visual reminders of our unique roots as individuals and families who come together to form something unexpectedly extraordinary because of our shared choice to weather this year in the same garden so to speak.

Rounding the corner to walk toward the Middle School hallway, I came face to face with our collective WHY–the crowned visages of our Monarchs of the Month; representatives in human of form of our shared values and ability to not just weather storms together, but to THRIVE.

In the week after Spring Break, our students and faculty have returned with a pep in their step, our eldest Monarchs have been fitted for graduation robes and our school is filled with reminders of how blessed we are to share this space and this time TOGETHER. We are so grateful to continue to grow and finish this year strong, with all of you, Mighty Monarchs!