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Monday, March 14 — otherwise known as 3.14 or Pi Day — was a day of celebration for both our Math students and families attending the PTO Pi(e) Night pizza fundraiser!

Congratulations to all students who participated in yesterday’s Pi Day Math Contest. We are especially proud of our two overall winners, Chance G. who memorized 215 digits & Libby S. who memorized 196 digits as well as these grade level winners:

Grade 3: Thomas C. and Mila M.

Grade 4: James M. and Lucy C.

Grade 5: Raegan M. and Mary Catherine V.

Grade 6: Savannah E. and Addie L.

Grade 7: Libby S. and Chance G.

Grade 8: Emeka I. and Josie L.

Honorable Mention: Grade 2 Dani B. (125 digits)

Math Music: Students ring a bell each time their assigned number of Pi is read/played by Mrs. Olesen.

Attendees of the PTO event got to see how our math students learned about Pi and even got to try their hand at making some math-themed music with Mrs. Olesen! Many thanks to our PTO for organizing Pi(e) Night and to members of our PTO Board for capturing the photos in the album below.