You are currently viewing TUNE IN ALERT: CUBES IN SPACE LAUNCH!

Our amazing students are doing it again! One Saint Mary’s Cubes in Space experiment will be among 80 student projects on a NASA sounding rocket that will be launched into space on Thursday, June 22nd from Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

A livestream will begin 15 minutes before the planned 5:30 a.m. launch time on the Wallops YouTube channel. The Wallops Visitor Center will be open for launch viewing at 4:30 a.m.

Our Rocket Club & Cubes in Space members have been working hard the past several weeks preparing for Rocketfest 2023 at NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility. Students have created displays for the expo and have worked on slide presentations where they will be sharing about their current and prior experiments to an audience of over 300 including NASA executives and engineers and other aerospace professionals.

Join us in wishing a safe trip to Mr. Tlusty and six Saint Mary’s families making the week-long trip to Wallops Island!

More information about this initiative is also featured on NASA’s website.