You are currently viewing ALBUM: TALENT SHOW 2023

Eighth grader Sarah H. worked diligently with music teacher, Mrs. Morretti, to produce the 2023 edition of the Monarch Talent Show. Many thanks to our Monarch parents, performers and enthusiastic audience members for helping to make this year’s show–the first on our Parish Hall’s new stage–a huge success!

Below is a list of student performers followed by a selection of photos and video from Monday’s Dress Rehearsal and Thursday’s Show.

  • Caroline B. & East B.
  • Ella O. & Grace R.
  • Mystery Guest Performance (Mr. Schaefer!)
  • Winnie L., Noel P. and Lizzie C.
  • Sydney D., Reagan C., Sydnee S. and Kiera W.
  • Alice W.
  • Piper P.
  • Sydney C. & Daileena H.
  • Eleri C., Marley T. and Vivi S.
  • Laura Grace C.
  • Trinity L., Emery C. and Emily G.
  • Julia J., Emma B. and Josephine B.
ABOVE: Piper P. sings “Atlantis.”
ABOVE: Reagan C., Kiera W., Sydney D. and Sydnee S. sing “You Say.”
ABOVE: Alice W. performs a dance routine to “Gratitude.”
ABOVE: Marley T., Vivi S. and Eleri C. sing “1,000 Years.”