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Good afternoon Monarch Family,

Our teachers are the best! They are. First and foremost, on the tail end of this Teacher Appreciation Week I want to thank our Saint Mary’s Catholic School teachers. Each one of our teachers are dedicated, patient, loving and supportive. It is most reassuring that each student is physically/emotionally safe and academically prepared and prosperous. For this and other unmentioned reasons, I am thankful!

To the parents, thank you for each of your efforts to recognize our teachers as the skilled and thoughtful educators that they are. This week has been slightly more difficult to provide a ‘regular’ celebration but like always, you have each come through to recognize our teachers. Thank you! Additionally, thank you to our PTO for spearheading the charge to recognize our teachers. Not an easy undertaking, so thank you.

I want to thank all persons affiliated with SMCS for their dedication to Catholic education and especially Saint Mary’s Catholic School. In every altered circumstance we stand up and deliver with such grace. A true mark of a united community committed to excellence. I am excited about the school’s future and am thrilled that each of you are part of the journey.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best regards,