It starts with … “I challenge you!”  Two students playing the World Language Games (modeled after the popular series – the Hunger Games) must recite a quote in a world language, translate the quote into English, and attribute the quote to the author.  If both students are successful, they have met the challenge.  If a student fails the challenge, they are eliminated from the competition.  Challenges happen in homerooms, in the hallways, at lunchtime, etc.  Students enthusiastically support their peers as each challenge is executed.

Mr. Maddock begins “the games” with a “reaping.”  Each classroom infraction, such as forgetting a textbook or talking in class, places your name in the drawing.  The more infractions, the greater the chances of your name being drawn.  Students may elect to join the game by offering to replace a selected student.  Once the players are identified, each is provided a “weapon” – a phrase to memorize, in anticipation of the challenge.

The resulting game introduces students to a variety of information not normally included in the curriculum, but supportive of enhanced learning.  Students participating, as well as those cheering on their colleagues, learn.  Each year, a theme for the games is selected, this year being quotes from foreign lands, in the native language.  It is truly inspiring to hear students stretch their learning beyond their own environment while strengthening their IB learning in the areas of international mindedness, communications, and cultural awareness.