Dear Members of the Saint Mary’s School Community,

On November 1st, we welcome Ms. Jenni Ellis to our community as she begins her ministry as principal of Saint Mary’s School!

Ms. Ellis formally began her service as principal today, which is All Saints Day. She joined us for mass at 9:00 AM on Wednesday morning, and during that Mass we prayed for her as she begins her important work among us.

In her first weeks here at Saint Mary’s, Ms. Ellis looks forward to becoming acquainted with the daily flow of our school activity. She will get to know our staff, teachers, students, parents and parishioners. She will also attend meetings at the diocesan office to become familiar with neighboring principals and diocesan administrators. This will be a busy time for Ms. Ellis!

Ms. Ellis and I have asked Dr. Cheryl Henig to remain on our full-time staff, serving as Principal Emeritus during this time of transition. Dr. Henig will be able to provide valuable information to Ms. Ellis during this time of transition, and can also provide leadership in the school on those days when Ms. Ellis may be out of the building attending diocesan meetings. We anticipate that Dr. Henig will remain on staff as Principal Emeritus until the Thanksgiving vacation.

This time of transition is an exciting time of ‘new beginnings’ for us at Saint Mary’s. In addition, this transition gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude to all of those who do so much for our school on a daily basis.