Already outgrown those khaki shorts?  How about a pair of bucks?  Or (in my case) your daughter simply refuses to wear the headband that matches her jumper?

We have four fabulous volunteers who have taken on the challenge of managing the PTO Uniform Exchange closet: Erin McGinnis, Rosemary Utz, Lisa Kight, and Sherri Wenzig.  A new poster has been created, with current “new” uniform guidelines and they have organized the closet itself.  It is now ready for new “deposits”.  The Exchange is a wonderful service to the families of the school, one that is provided free of charge.  Please be respectful and follow their suggestions for maintaining a sense of order.  If you have any questions, their emails are included in the attached document.

Thank you, Erin, Rosemary, Lisa, and Sherri!  We appreciate your stewardship!

Uniform Closet Organizing Guidelines

More info on uniforms here.