Saint Mary’s is please to announce the addition of the following educators to our faculty and staff:

Mrs. Patricia Benton, First Grade
Mrs. Pamela Tuskey, Middle School Social Studies
Mrs. Amy Turner, Pre-School Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Sydney Lyons, First Grade Instructional Assistant (1-M)
Mrs. Lisa Flint, First Grade Instructional Assistant (1-B)
Mrs. Nadine Schiavo, Part Time Middle School Math

With the completion of staffing for the 2014-2015 school year, the following classroom assignments have been made:

K-1 is Mrs. Peebles, Homeroom K-P

K-2 is Mrs. Harris, Homeroom K-H

1-1 is Mr. Choplin, Homeroom 1-C

1-2 is Mrs. Mickle, Homeroom 1-M

1-3 is Mrs. Benton, Homeroom 1-B

2-1 is Mrs. Reardon, Homeroom 2-R

2-2 is Mrs. Klein, Homeroom 2-K

3-1 is Mrs. Loucks, Homeroom 3-L

3-2 is Mrs. George, Homeroom 3-G

4-1 is Mrs. Valdepenas, Homeroom 4-V

4-2 is Mrs. Trout, Homeroom 4-T

5-1 is Ms. Oliver, Homeroom 5-O

5-2 is Mr. woodburn, Homeroom 5-W

5-3 is Mr. Pendergast, Homeroom 5-P

Mathematics is Mrs. Koehler, Homeroom 6-K

Social Studies is Mrs. Tuskey, Homeroom 6-T

Science is Mr. Short, Homeroom 7-S

Religion is Mrs. Katzman, Homeroom 7-K

English is Mr. Maddock, Homeroom 8-M

English is Mr. Schaefer, Homeroom 8-S