Daily, here at Saint Mary’s, we encourage our students to live in Christ’s likeness. Monthly, our faculty votes upon students from each grade who, through their actions and words, have most resembled the Christ through the virtues.

Monarch of the Month

For the month of February:

Balanced, learners understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others. Congratulations!

First Grade = Carmen S, Sydney C
Second Grade = Alexander H, Ellie G
Third Grade = Ella K, Benjamin C
Fourth Grade = Remy M, Caleb T
Fifth Grade = Noah T, Trip C
Sixth Grade = Alex C
Seventh Grade = Michelle M
Eighth Grade = Ellery T

For the month of August:

Caring, These students critically appreciate culture and personal history, and the perspectives of others.  They show empathy, compassion and respect.  They act to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them and in the world.

  • First Grade = Kinsley G, Adam R
  • Second Grade = George B, Evangeline U
  • Third Grade = Hank E, Kiera W
  • Fourth Grade = Anniston H, Carter B
  • Fifth Grade = Lourdes O, Emma B
  • Sixth Grade = Mercy G
  • Seventh Grade = Thomas G
  • Eighth Grade = Jordan G

 For the month of April: 

Principled, these students respect others and have a strong sense of fairness.  They take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences.


First Grade = Genevieve G, Valencia L
Second Grade = Mary Catherine V, Stephanie U
Third Grade =  Remy M, Caleb T
Fourth Grade = Liam M, James G
Fifth Grade =  Mercy G, Richie S, Connor G
Sixth Grade =  Daniel C
Seventh Grade = Jean Marie B
Eighth Grade = Julia S

For the month of March:

Communicators, these students clearly express their ideas both orally and in writing.  They speak more than one language and they are good listeners.


First Grade = Logan S, Harper R
Second Grade = Owen S, Mary Grace G
Third Grade = Milla C, Ellie M
Fourth Grade = Bailey L
Fifth Grade = Michael D, Lexi G, Alden C

Middle School also has Balanced Learner Monarchs for the month of March:
Sixth Grade = Maria G (Communicator), Molly M (Balanced Learner)
Seventh Grade = Lulu A (Communicator), George P (Balanced Learner)
Eighth Grade = Emily P (Communicator), Marshall D (Balanced Learner)

For the month of February:

Risk-Taker, these students are independent spirits which allows them to explore new roles, ideas, and strategies.  They are Courageous, but not reckless.


First Grade = Lucy C, Giuliana B
Second Grade = Mason F, Lilly S
Third Grade = Sam L, Samuel G
Fourth Grade = Emma B, Chase G
Fifth Grade = Grace O, Madoc E, Elizabeth J
Sixth Grade = Cazin S
Seventh Grade = Vivian B
Eighth Grade = Sofia B