” Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world”- Martin Luther

Saint Mary’s Catholic School Music

SMCS CHOIR 2018-19

Welcome to SMCS Choir! I am excited to get started again this year. We have continued to find success together and I look forward to a further year of progress. Many school choirs require audition, however our SMCS Choir continues to be open to all students 2nd-8th grade as it is my belief that all willing students should find a place to learn and grow within a school choir. Please review the SMCS Choir Conduct and Commitment Policy with your student below.

**For all new AND returning members–Please fill out the SMCS Choir info form.


Below are some of the areas that we will be working towards together this year:

  • Learn proper breathing and vocal technique specific to choral singing
  • Build sight singing and reading skills
  • Have opportunities to be soloists or sing in smaller groups
  • Sing together in Mass as a choir and for middle school students serving as Cantor
  • Have 1-2 outside and/or during school performances during Christmas and again in the Spring
  • Develop and explore different musical genres
  • Explore opportunities for travel and outside performances together as a choir
  • Develop a lifelong love and knowledge of music


SMCS Choir Conduct and Commitment Policy:


Time is valuable during rehearsal; I will arrive promptly and not waste time with extra talking or distracting behavior.


Weekly rehearsal attendance is important; I will notify Mrs. Moretti through email if I need to miss and will not plan to leave early unless previously discussed. Those participating in additional SMCS after school activities such as band and robotics will receive allowances however consideration of time for each activity must be accounted for.


We are working together towards excellence; I will give my personal best effort and applaud the efforts of those around me.


Please note that it is always my intention that we will only practice together in the time frame after school on Thurs. Choir 2:50-3:30pm Cantor 3:30-4pm, however if we find we need more rehearsal before a performance the time might increase 15-30min


SMCS Choir fee is $100 per child for the year. In the past SMCS choir has been a donation based program, this once yearly fee is based on the growing need to expand our choral music library as well as the increased time and commitment level. Checks may be made payable to Saint Mary’s Catholic School please include Choir fee in the memo, fill out this HERE and attache the check.  Please have your student give the form to Mrs. Moretti.


Music is my lifelong passion. I have had the opportunity to see it enrich the lives of many students, as well as my own. It is my goal that our SMCS Choir becomes a traditional of excellence and a group that the students and school can feel proud of. I continue to be pleased as I hear stories of SMCS Choir and Music alums that are finding success within their given high school as well as community musical experiences,  I hope to see that trend continue.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me: dmoretti@saintmary.org