Instructional Chess at St. Mary’s School

(Championship Chess of Greater Richmond)


Championship Chess presents a systematic, fun way to build chess skills during chess instruction and while students play. Studies show that chess improves math, reading and problem-solving and our methods connect these academic benefits to our classes. Classes include instruction as well as chess play and guided analysis. Students will be able to accomplish Achievement Cards online outside of the classroom.

  • Day and Time: Monday after school from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Dates: Winter, Spring and Fall  sessions
  • Who can play: Sessions are open to all students, both beginners and experienced, in 1st grade through 5th grade, or to those younger who know how to play. Note: For the class to meet, we need at least 10 registered players 
  • Cost:  Determined before sessions as shown on registration forms
  • Registration/Payment: Please clip and send in the registration form provided each session with your check payable to: Championship Chess of Greater Richmond and mail to 13406 Mitford Drive, Midlothian, VA 23114 or pay online at under the Register tab via Credit Card. We will confirm your payment and registration by email.

Championship Chess Staff and Methods:

Championship Chess instructors utilize a complete curriculum introducing chess skills to beginners incrementally and improving players’ skills and strategies in opening, middle and end game.