2021-2022 School Year Offerings:

Questions? Contact our Athletic Director, Scott Schaefer.

Fall Sports

Registration for Fall Sports is now closed. Game Schedules are posted below by sport.

Practice information will be communicated via email by coaches and/or our athletic director. Weather related information will be also be shared via email or text.

Cross Country CoedGrades 5th through 8th

Flag Football Coed – Links to Game Schedules (subject to change): Grades 5th/6th and 7th/8th

Soccer Coed – Links to Game Schedules (subject to change): Grades 1st/2nd and Grades 3rd/4th

Boys’ Middle School SoccerGrades 5th – 8th

Girls’ Middle School Volleyball – Links to Game Schedule (subject to change): Grades 6th/7th and 8th

Saint Gertrude’s Fall & Spring Middies: 5th – 8th Grade Girls (Volleyball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse & Softball)

Benedictine College Prep’s Fall & Spring Middies: 5th – 8th Grade Boys (Football, Lacrosse & Baseball)

Winter Sports

Interest forms for Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball (Grades 5-8) are linked below and due by Thursday, September 30th. More details regarding plans for 3rd/4th grade Basketball coming soon!

Girls’ Basketball – 3rd/4th, 5th, 6th, 7th/8th

Boys’ Basketball – 3rd/4th, 5th, 6th, 7th/8th

Spring Sports

Track – Coed 5th – 8th

Flag Football – Coed 1st/2nd and Coed 3rd/4th

Soccer – Girls 5th – 8th

The Importance of Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is the attitude and behavior that exemplifies positive support for the athlete in all athletic, activity programs/clubs of Saint Mary’s Catholic School, as well as for the individuals who participate.  People involved in all facets of athletic, club and activity programs are expected to demonstrate respect for others and display good sportsmanship. It is essential that student-participants, coaches, parents, student groups and fans in general are constantly reminded that Good Sports Are Winners!  Positive experiences do not occur by chance, rather they are a result of the educational structure, the right perspective, the right leadership, and the true understanding of sportsmanship. It is not merely a campaign; it is the essence of what educational athletics, clubs, and activities are.

Coaches’ Pledge

As a coach/Leader, I acknowledge that I am a role model. I know that the principles of good sportsmanship are integrity, fairness, and respect. While teaching the skills of the game or activity, I must also teach students how to win and lose graciously, and that sports, clubs and activities are meant to be educational and fun. I know the behavior expectations of me by this school, and hereby accept my responsibility to be a model of ethical behavior, integrity, and servant Leadership.

Student Athlete Parent’s Pledge

As a parent, I acknowledge that I am a role model. I will remember that school athletics, clubs and activities are an extension of the classroom, offering learning experiences for the students. I must show respect for all students, coaches, spectators, and support groups. I will participate in cheers that support, encourage, and uplift the teams involved. I understand the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship expected by our school.   I hereby accept my responsibility to be a model of good sportsmanship that comes with being the parent of a student athlete.

Athlete’s Pledge

As a student-athlete, I pledge;  I will do my best to represent my team, my teammates, and myself while striving to have the Integrity to know and do what is right; Respect my opponent, the officials, my teammates, my coach, myself and the game; take Responsibility by embracing opportunities to contribute; exemplify Sportsmanship by bringing my best to all competition; and provide Servant Leadership where I serve the common good while striving to be a personal and team leader.