The Student Council Association

The Student Council Association, or SCA, is a servant leadership based organization that promotes open communication between middle school students and teachers/administration. This organization has been active at Saint Mary’s Catholic School for approximately 20 years. Each spring middle school students elect new officers for the following school year, and each fall the middle school students choose their homeroom representative to speak on their behalf at the weekly meetings.

SCA officers and representatives strive to enact positive change at Saint Mary’s on a regular basis. Our current SCA Faculty Advisor, is Mrs. Valdepenas. Upon completion of their SCA experience, student officers and homeroom representatives have honed their public speaking and leadership skills through service to the school community.

Our officers for the current school year are as follows:

  • President – Kate B.
  • Vice President – Sydnee S.
  • Secretary – Hannah D.
  • Communications – Becky S.
  • Chaplain – Ryan M.
  • Treasurer – Reagan C.
  • Treasurer’s Assistant – Jack B.
  • Treasurer’s Assistant – Chase W.