Dear Saint Mary’s Families,

The move is complete and was a huge success!  We had a wonderful organizer in Heather Heishman, our teachers were completely prepared, and we had amazing volunteers!  Thank you to all of you who came out and volunteered and all those that helped behind the scenes – providing food, watching children and helping in a myriad of different ways on the days leading up to the weekend.  I am so incredibly thankful and grateful to everyone.

Construction is well under way here.  I haven’t been up to the school for a hard hat tour, but I hope to do that very soon.

This summer our hours are 7:30 to 3:30, Monday through Friday, everyday except for July 2nd-4th.  To get to the temporary offices, enter the building as you are going to the church offices and come into the ECDC wing.  We are located in Mrs. Harris’ room, the third room on the left.

You will see the summer reading linked below as well as the student supply lists.

We have made some changes to the school supply lists for the 2018-2019 school year.   As a parent myself, I completely understand how frustrating school supply lists can be.  We have worked hard to provide lists that are easy to read with clear descriptions of what is needed.

If you have any of the items on your child’s list at home, please do not feel as though you need to purchase that item again.  Part of being good stewards of the earth is using what we have.

We have given suggestions regarding brands.  If you can’t find a specific brand, please do not drive all over town.  Get the brand the store you are in offers.  The only exception to this is that we are requesting EXPO dry erase markers – low odor, if possible.  We know that are the best quality and last the longest.  Thankfully, these are stocked at every store.  Our goal is that parents can get the list for all of their children at one store and in one trip.

You will notice this year that their is a checkbox next to each item and every individual item is listed on its own.  I know, myself, how small things can make a big difference.

You will also notice that some lists have optional items listed.  You know your child best.  Please make the best decision for your child regarding these items.

Your child’s teacher will give your child their student planner on the first day of school.  Tote bags are provided for JK and Kindgerarten students.  All other students should have their own backpack.  Due to the small space in the middle school hallway and multiple class changes, middle school students are not permitted to have rolling backpacks.  For safety reasons, rolling backpacks are not recommended for elementary school students.

Starting with the 2018-2019 school year, students in 3rd grade and above will be responsible for keeping up with their own writing instruments and paper.  Students in these grades are able to be responsible for making sure they have these basics for school each day.

I am not asking any family to purchase hand soap, paper towels, Clorox wipes, tissues, Ziploc bags, card stock, copy paper or construction paper.  These are things that we, as a school, will be supplying.

There are items that are on the list this year that I may be asking if you are willing to donate back to the school at the end of the year, such as book socks. These items would remain with the teacher and would be used the following year by the students in that class.  This would hopefully prevent parents from having to purchase these items again.  We will be assessing how worn these items become throughout the year and will update you about this at the end of the school year.

I know many of you have been anxious to get both the summer reading lists and supply lists.  I appreciate your patience with me.  Being new, in addition to all that has been going on in regard to the renovation, it has taken me longer to get these things out to you.

I hope your summer is off to a great start!

Jenni Ellis


IMPORTANT DATES THIS WEEK: Please visit the school calendar regularly for the most up-to-date information as times and dates may change.

Monday July 2nd through Wednesday July 4th – School Offices Closed
Monday August 27th – First day of school

2018 – 2019 Important Key Dates Calendar: Looking toward next year, the key dates calendar for the 2018-2019 school year is linked here.  You will see that the revision date is in the lower right-hand corner.  We will make sure the most updated calendar is always available on our website and we will let families know if any changes to the calendar are made.

NEW –  Summer Reading Lists:

NEW – Student Supply Lists:   

Junior Kindergarten Supply List
Kindergarten Supply List
First Grade Supply List
Second Grade Supply List
Third Grade Supply List
Fourth Grade Supply List
Fifth Grade Supply List
Middle School Supply List

Flynn O’Hara: Flynn O’Hara our uniform company is holding a “private uniform shopping event” at their store since our renovation doesn’t allow them to visit this summer. Click here for additional information. Please note on the list of uniform items, the Columbia Blue Wicking T-shirt with School Silkscreen is no longer available.

NEW – Shoe Carnival SAVE THE DATE:  Friday, July 20 – Sunday, July 22 Saint Mary’s Catholic School shopping event.  30% off including sale prices, students, staff and family. (look for the flyer that must be presented at the cash register.  Coming in a News Flash soon.)


Church Events:

“Are You Interested in Becoming A Catholic?”  
If you have never been baptized, if you were baptized in another Christian denomination and would like to become Catholic, or if you were baptized Catholic, but never received the Sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation, you are welcome to join our RCIA Inquiry Process.  For more information, call Sr. Pat at 740-4044, ext. 13, or go to our parish web page, and click on “Interest in Becoming Catholic

“Adult Sacramental Preparation”
If you are an adult who was baptized Catholic and has been attending Mass, but never received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion or Confirmation, please give Sr. Pat a call at the Parish Office, or email her at Adult Preparation Sessions for those interested in receiving these three Sacraments, will be offered starting in June.  The day and time of these meetings will be determined by the group at the first meeting on Sunday, June 10, at 12:30pm in the St. Anne Room.


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