Rehearsals for our SMCS Choir are held weekly and will begin on Thurs. Sept. 4th from 2:50-3:30 pm. All Saint Mary’s students from 2nd grade-8th grade are encouraged to join. No sign up is necessary, students new to choir will be sent home with paperwork to be returned to Mrs. H. Taylor. Pickup for students in SMCS choir is held directly after practice in the Upper Commons of the church. Those who attend ASC will be escorted back. Those students currently enrolled or interested in enrolling in band are allowed to also join Choir at the discretion of Mrs. H. Taylor and Mr. Crafton.

**This year students are ONLY allowed to join during the month of Sept. , and again after Winter Break in Jan.

Those in our 6th-8th grades are encouraged to stay after for Cantor practice held from 3:30-4pm

We’re excited to get back to work and look forward to more exciting opportunities this year!

Please email htaylor@saintmary.org with any questions