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SMCS Choir begins Thurs. Sept. 10th and is held each Thursday from 2:50-3:30pm in the church.

Forms will be sent home at the end of the first practice to be filled out, reviewed with parents, and returned to Mrs. Heidi Taylor. Please check the school calendar for early release or holidays. Students meet Mrs. Taylor after school in the hallway between the school and the church. Pick up each week is in the upper commons.We are looking for choir members that are serious about fostering their musical knowledge and vocal abilities

Grades 2nd-8th are eligible. **Due to upcoming concerts, students may only join SMCS choir during the month of September for the year.

.Cantor practice is held directly after Choir practice 3:30-4pm (for middle school students and choir members only).  

We will be performing this Christmas in a special concert with the Richmond Symphony on Wed. Dec. 9th

Choir fee is $100 for the year   For questions please email