Generally, road conditions are good coming to Saint Mary’s School this morning.  Patterson Avenue is clear, Gaskins Road is clear, and Gayton Road is substantially clear.  Two areas of caution:  1) When entering Marywood Lane from Gaskins Road, the intersection is restricted to one lane of traffic. Immediately after the intersection, the road widens to two lanes.  To avoid congestion at this intersection, please consider entering the school parking lot from Gayton Road, and dropping off students at the Gayton Road entrance.  Likewise, when exiting the parking lots, consider doing what is consistently avoided – exiting via the Gayton Road entrance closest to Pinchbeck school.  Please use every caution when driving on the school’s property.  2)  The intersection of Gaskins and Gayton Road is not completely clear.  Turn lanes are slushy.  Please use caution when approaching and passing through this intersection.