You are currently viewing Remote Learning Message #5 From The Principal March 27, 2020

Hello Parents, Teachers and Faculty,

Happy Friday!!

As you know from the superintendent’s message yesterday,  the learning will continue. Our Saint Mary’s team has made some adjustments. These adjustments will help provide digestible content that allows parents, students and teachers to not feel overwhelmed while also growing as learners. Below I have included several items that are of importance so please take some time to review them.

SMCS Remote Learning and Instructional Guide

This guide provides information regarding the Saint Mary’s Catholic School remote learning plan. The content with in the document is leveled by grade band (ECDC, Elementary, Middle School). It provides a rationale for our delivery moving forward and serves as a suggested guide for instructional time for each student. This document will be housed on our school’s homepage under “Distance Learning”

Distance Learning webpage

We have created a Remote Learning webpage to provide everyone with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all items relating to remote learning. Please visit this page to see the latest communication from the superintendent, principal and other documents that are published for the sake of learning remotely.

Stations of the Cross

Every year our Fourth Grade classes perform Stations of the Cross. This year, due to COVID-19, we left Saint Mary’s before the date of their performance. With some forethought, the fourth grade teachers had one of their practices recorded in the event we did not return. This move proved to be monumental.  Knowing they were 3 weeks short on practices, please take some time to view the fourth grade version of Stations of the Cross.

Final words for the week

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and flexibility through the last two weeks. I am so impressed by the work of the teachers and the new-found responsibilities parents have. I have shared a few words of thanks, recognition and some suggestions for a healthy and successful spring academic session.  Enjoy!

Remote Learning Message