Rapid recall of basic mathematical computations, often referred to as “math facts” is essential to the mastery of higher order mathematical concepts.  When students are able to spend less time making simple calculations, they are able to focus on the complexities of new algorithms and solutions.  Perhaps the most often heard comment when a student has difficulty learning algebraic concepts is “They just don’t know their math facts.”

Saint Mary’s is making available to students an online instructional program designed to increase rapid recall of addition, subtractions, multiplication and division “facts.”  Students will have accounts to access the Reflex Math program.  Program information is available to parents.  As students are introduced to this online resource, classroom teachers will provide additional information to parents.  It is anticipated that students will enjoy using this online drill and practice instruction, and teachers will expect that students access this program both at school and at home.  Significant gains in fluency are noted for students utilizing the program at a target level of three sessions a week.

Parents are invited to sign up for a Reflex Parent Reporting Account that will allow the parents to monitor and support their child’s journey to math fact fluency.  You will receive instructions from the classroom teacher with individual user names and passwords.  This program is being implemented in grades 2 – 6 over the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year, with full implementation for those grades anticipated for the 2016-2017 school year.