What is the procedure for coming into the school to volunteer?

Volunteers should enter at the school’s main entrance and check in.  Before leaving, please stop by the desk and to check out.

What if a situation arises where I am not able to volunteer as planned?

If you are unable to fulfill a commitment on any occasion, please notify the teacher, office, or PTO member as soon as possible.  If possible, try to arrange for an alternate.

Which restrooms should volunteers use?

Volunteers should not use student restrooms.  There are teacher restrooms in the Middle School hallway and a restroom in the Clinic.  You may also use the adult restroom in the ECDC wing of the building.

What if there is a fire drill while I am volunteering?

Exit the building with the nearest classroom group and follow the directions of the teacher.

What do I wear when chaperoning on a field trip?

Please dress appropriately for the type of field trip you are attending.  If students are expected to wear the school dress uniform, then chaperones should dress in business casual attire.  If students were to wear TAG day clothes, then jeans and sneakers would be appropriate for chaperones as well.