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The Diocese of Richmond and Saint Mary’s Catholic School are dedicated to keeping our students safe from sexual abuse.  In order to meet the mandates of the Diocese, a number of steps must be taken before a parent is permitted to volunteer to work with or accompany students.  While these requirements may at first appear burdensome, the experts in the field of abuse prevention report that taking these steps will reduce the probability of a child experiencing sexual abuse.

Volunteers make the educational experience at Saint Mary’s an enriched and inviting experience for all students.  This commitment to our youth is greatly appreciated and valued.

In order to meet the screening requirements, volunteers need to review and complete all volunteer requirements listed HERE.

Parents and grandparents who wish to volunteer to drive on field trips must complete the same requirements.

Please note that these screenings often take a number of weeks to complete.  Please plan ahead to insure compliance before engaging in volunteer activities.

For those who volunteer to enrich the lives of Saint Mary’s students, THANK YOU!