Our children will grow up to be givers, if we show them how to give.  Our children will grow up to be helpers if we show them how to help.  Our goal, with the Family Stewardship Program, is to show our children that helping can be fun, rewarding, and beneficial to the whole Saint Mary’s Family!

The Family Stewardship Program continues!  Parents are asked to volunteer 10 hours of time or pay $25 per unfulfilled hour, with a maximum of $250 for the year.

Volunteer Oppurtunities

School day examples: lunch duty, book clubs, Valentine’s Party, field trip chaperone, morning carpool duty, field day, mystery reader…just to name a few!

After-hours examples: Gala Committee, 5K Committee, PTO General Meeting, classroom preparation (i.e. playdough, photocopying, send in party treats)…just to name a few!

Each family is responsible for logging all Stewardship Hours on RenWeb. There are no longer account managers to enter the hours, administration will monitor families for compliance. For instructions on how to log in to RenWeb click here.

We appreciate you sharing your time and talents with our Catholic school community.