Volunteer Coordinator

 Assist event coordinators in securing volunteers.  Contact families throughout the year to ascertain availability and areas of interest.

Chair:  Currently Seeking 

Morning Carpool Helpers

Do you want a speedy and safe morning carpool line?  Volunteer to assist students with car doors and backpacks from 7:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.  Commitment is one day per week.

Chair:  David Kupstas, dkupstas2@hotmail.com 

School Pictures and Yearbook

School portraits are taken in the fall of each school year.  Throughout the year parents are asked to submit pictures from school events to be included in the yearbook.  Keep your camera handy!

Chairs:  Heather Heishman, theheishmanfamily@gmail.com


Assist students in the lunchroom during the appropriate hour and a half, so the teachers can enjoy their lunch time.

Chair: Marie Do, marie.c.do@gmail.com

Room Parents

Each classroom teacher is assigned a room parent to assist in supporting his or her classroom.  Responsibilities vary by teacher.

Chair:  Katie Cooke, ktcooke@yahoo.com

Graduation Committee

This committee consists of parents who fundraise and arrange the logistics of 8th grade graduation.

Chairs:  Dominica Pegram, kopegram@yahoo.com; Natalie Schimick, schimick@verizon.net