You are currently viewing Program Update for 2014-2015

As the registration process nears completion, decisions have been made about program (classes) offerings for the 2014-2015 school year.


  • Saint Mary’s will begin the year with two Kindergarten classes.  Given this year’s (2013-2014) lower enrollment in pre-kindergarten, the number of enrolled Kindergarten students for 2014-2015 did not reach the optimum number of students in each class.  However, the decision was made to begin the year with a small class size in anticipation of future growth.

First Grade

  • Saint Mary’s will begin the year with three First Grade classes.  The number of students returning from Kindergarten and new applications allow for three classes with a reduced class size compared to the Kindergarten year.  Assuming growth in this grade cohort, this will create another “bubble class” that will continue through Fifth Grade.


  • Although enrollment in the 2.5 year old class is below expectations, Saint Mary’s will offer the Tuesday, Thursday class as scheduled.
  • Enrollment in the 3 year old class is below expectations.  The AM class will be offered as scheduled.
  • The PM class is significantly below expectations, and will be evaluated as new applications are received.  There remains the possibility that this class will have insufficient enrollment to be offered.

Fifth Grade

  • Saint Mary’s will schedule three classes of fifth grade, as the “bubble class” finishes with continued high enrollment.

Sixth Grade

  • Sixth grade classes will be heterogeneously populated with students.  Students will “travel” by homeroom the majority of the day.
  • Students will choose (a three year commitment) between French and Spanish.
  • Students who have completed six grade Math prior to the beginning of the school year will be offered the opportunity to take pre-algebra.

Middle School

  • Saint Mary’s continues to explore optional course placements for students with special needs.  On-line learning, pre-programmed classes and other options may be discussed to address individual needs.