Principal Search Update from Fr. Renninger

Dear Parents and Parishioners,

As we prepare to begin the new school year, I am happy to provide the following update concerning our search for a permanent principal for St. Mary’s.

Last spring, after the unexpected departure of Dr. Tom Dertinger, Robin Rooks did an admirable job as ‘teacher in charge’ during those first few weeks of transition. I thanked her many times during those weeks, and I am thrilled that Robin is returning to St. Mary’s this fall on a part time basis to provide transition leadership in the IB program.

We were also blessed by the willingness of Dr. Cheryl Henig to step forward and serve as interim principal. Dr. Henig and I have developed an excellent rapport and I am delighted that she will continue to lead our school community in the coming year.

Our outstanding Search Committee did a thorough job reviewing and interviewing the candidates who applied for the position last spring. After careful consideration, many interviews and thoughtful discernment, it was determined that we needed to continue to search in order to find the most excellent leader for our already excellent school.

The Search Committee and I have consulted on a number of ways to ensure that this position is advertised in a manner that will attract candidates from across the nation. The committee will continue to review all applications and interview any strong candidates as we continue this process.  We will continue the search until the members of the Search Committee and I are convinced that we have found the right person for this important leadership position.

In the meantime, I am grateful to Dr. Henig for her ongoing leadership and I am very grateful to all of the faculty, staff, and parents for all that they do to maintain the high standards which are a hallmark of the Saint Mary’s School Community.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, or reach out to Tim Layton (chair of the Search Committee) at   


Fr. Michael Renninger