tdd_5134The day began with an early morning Mass at the tomb of St. Francis.  St. Francis is buried under the altar of the Basilica of Saint Francis, in a tomb that is surrounded by small chapels.  Fr. Renninger’s homily described the life of Saint Francis.  The beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys helps to understand the affinity Saint Francis had for nature.  His life has inspired so many to a life of service to the poor.

From there, we went to the Basilica of Saint Clair.  Another truly inspiring story of service to the poor, and another beautiful Basilica.  The wonder is the detail and beauty inspired by craftsman nearly 800 years ago.

tdd_5167A walking tour of Assisi included a visit to the Cathedral – the home church of the Bishop.  It was in this church’s font that both St. Clair and St. Francis were baptized so very long ago.  These stone churches are a testament to the devotion of so many ancient craftsman to the worship of God.

Walking through the streets of Assisi, we enjoyed the local flavors for lunch, and were amazed at the beauty of this city.  Indeed, it is a hilly place, with lots of climbs up and down, with a constant view of the valley below.  The castle of the Popes was at the high point of the city, looking down on all of the rest of Assisi and surrounding areas.


The evening concludes with a welcoming dinner in Assisi where all of the pilgrims can share their experiences of the day.