School Uniforms

Saint Mary’s Catholic School requires all students to dress in uniform on all days.

Catholic School students have traditionally worn uniforms for generations. In addition to clearly identifying students as Saint Mary’s students, the uniforms impart a message of conformity to community norms, respect for the individuality of a person, not their clothes, and a consistency that places an emphasis on learning without distractions.

Research tells us that both students and teachers believe that students behave better and get better grades when they wear uniforms. This is called the “Halo effect.” It refers to the fact that when we see one positive feature about a person, we tend to infer others. Therefore, if someone is well-dressed, we make additional positive assumptions about them – e.g., that they’re conscientious and respectful.” (Wallin, Dr. Pauline, Parenting, Do School Uniforms Make a Difference,

General Dress:

  • The dress code applies to all students as long as they are on school grounds or at school-sponsored activities; including field trips.
  • Students should present a neat appearance. No sloppy dress is permitted.
    • Shirts must be buttoned, except for top button, and neatly tucked in at all times.
    • Clothing should be clean, unwrinkled, devoid of holes, and not faded, torn, or frayed.
  • Pants and skirts must be worn above the hips.
  • No baggy, oversized, or excessively tight clothing.
  • No sweatshirts/sweaters worn around the waist.
  • Undergarments must not show through uniform parts.

Jewelry / Piercings:

  • One cross, religious charm or medal, one ring, one bracelet, and a watch are permissible.
  • Only necklaces with a religious medal/theme or cross may be worn.
  • Chokers, large bracelets, necklaces and thumb rings are not acceptable.
  • No visible body piercings are allowed except for girls, which are allowed one single stud earring in each ear. No hoop, dangling, or French loop earrings are permitted. No tongue piercings are permitted.
  • No chains or studded jewelry of any kind may be worn to school or at any school-sponsored event/trip.
  • Due to the potential for lost items, younger children are strongly discouraged from wearing jewelry.
  • No shoe jewelry is permitted.


  • Hair should be groomed away from the face so as not to cover the face.
  • No hair dying, chunking, or streaking.
  • No shaved or intentionally bald heads. No designs are to be shaven into hair.
  • No “skater cuts”, spiked hair, or tails.
  • Boys:
    • Hair must not extend over the ears or below the top of the shirt collar.
    • Ponytails are not allowed.
    • Sideburns must be straight, trimmed, and must not extend beyond the lowest opening of the ear.
    • Bangs should not extend past the eyebrows.
    • Students must be cleanly shaven every day (no mustaches, beards, or goatees).
  • Girls:
    • Conservative hair clips are allowed (dark blue, white, etc.)
    • Bandannas, multi-colored ribbons, etc. are not permitted.

Makeup / Nail Polish:

  • No makeup is allowed to be worn.
  • Nail polish or artificial fingernails are not permitted.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.

Uniform Exchange Closet:

Saint Mary’s Catholic School maintains a Uniform Exchange Closet. The closet is open to parents for the purpose of reusing uniform attire that has been outgrown but is still in usable condition.

  • Uniforms that are donated to the closet must be cleaned and ready to wear.
  • Parents donating to the closet should ensure that the clothing is in good condition, free of stains or tears.
  • Clothing that is donated should be neatly organized so that it can be placed in the closet on the appropriate shelves and hangers.  This is very helpful to the parent volunteer who is responsible for overseeing the organization of the closet.
  • Parents are free to browse the closet for clothing that would fit their students. The clothing is free to the first taker in the interest of good stewardship of our resources. Please take what can be used.

Tag Day Dress:

The only exception to students being in uniform is when a “TAG” day is granted by the Principal or Pastor.

  • Students will be notified of any special occasions when they are allowed to wear non-uniform “TAG” day clothing.
  • Tag Days are a privilege, not a student right.

For more information, please read the following documents:

  • 2021 – 2022 UNIFORM GUIDE
    • Uniforms are made available through Flynn O’Hara.

      • All logo items, pants, and gym uniform must be purchased from Flynn O’Hara. Uniform sweatshirts are sold by Flynn & O’Hara.

      • Please note that Flynn O’Hara also sells non-uniform items with the Saint Mary’s logo for use as “spirit wear.”  Sweaters and nylon jackets are available for purchase and use but are not allowed to be worn as part of the uniform.

      • Flynn O’Hara contact information:

        Flynn & O’Hara
        9708 Midlothian Turnpike
        Richmond, VA 23235
        (804) 327-9001‎

      • Please note our Flynn O’Hara Saint Mary’s order page it does not have a Junior Kindergarten option listed.  You can choose “K” for Kindergarten. Both grades have the same uniform expectations.

    • Saxon Shoes
    • Shoe Carnival