Saint Mary’s teachers and staff are very appreciative of the generosity and kindness of parents and others in the Saint Mary’s community.  Gifts given to acknowledge the dedication and caring of individuals are indeed very special.  There is a long and cherished tradition of expressing gratitude for working so hard to provide for our students, especially at Christmas time, Birthdays and other special events.

While the giving of gifts and gratuities is done with the best of intentions, there are constraints imposed by the financial nature of gifts.  These constraints are in compliance with government requirements and Diocesan policy designed to guide fairness, equity, and ethical conduct.  Saint Mary’s has a Gift Policy in effect that provides procedures to assist teachers in maintaining the highest of ethical standards while ensuring parents and others that their generosity and gratitude is within acceptable guidelines.

Those who wish to demonstrate appreciation of a teacher or staff member are asked to review the Gift Policy and give accordingly.   Questions about the application of the policy may be directed to the principal for clarification and guidance.

As always, thank you for your kindness and wonderful expressions of appreciation and love.