School Year 2018 – 2019 SUMMER PACKET will be updated August 2018

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       2017 – 2018 Saint Mary’s Catholic School Calendar



Each year, a family must re-register with Order Lunches, the online lunch ordering system.  Please note the new pricing for lunches.

        Boonli Order Lunches Instructions

Registration and Lunch Ordering is completed online each month between the 8th and the 20th (to place orders for the following month).  For the month of August, ordering begins on August 1 and ends August 11 (to place orders for August 21 – August 31).

To order lunches after registering students, go to:

Order Lunches Website



Milk will be available for students, purchased on a per year basis.  Four choices of milk will be available to students each day – 2% Milk or Non-Fat Milk, Whole Milk or 1% Chocolate Milk .  If a student is allergic to a specific type of milk, i.e. chocolate, please complete the appropriate clinic form and instruct the homeroom teacher of the allergy.  Saint Mary’s Catholic School – Richmond does not participate in the USDA reduced price milk program.

To order milk for the year:

Milk Order



Please review the following forms, complete and submit to the clinic as directed.

Required:  Health form (Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form MCH 213G  completed by physician.  This is the blue Department of Health form obtained from the physician’s office.  This form must be on file before students are permitted to attend classes.  The form is updated when additional immunizations are received – a new form is not required each year.  Forms may be downloaded and printed from the Virginia Department of Health website.

Required: Emergency Notification Form  (May be filled in online and submitted via email or printed, completed and submitted to the office).

Student:  Asthma Care Plan (May be partially completed online and printed, requires physician orders and signature.  Submit to clinic.)

Student:  Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Care Plan  (May be completed online and printed.  Submit to clinic.)

Parents are requested to make an appointment with the clinic nurses to drop off medications for students.  The requirements for allowing the clinic nurses to administer medications are very specific.  To help insure that each student is given the appropriate medication(s), it is important for the nurses to review each request and verify that all permissions, orders and labeling requirements meet the mandated guidelines.

Please help the nurses serve your child by bringing all in-school administered medications to your appointment in the clinic.

Schedule a Clinic Appointment

Student:  Non-Prescription Medication (May be filled in online and printed or printed and filled in. Submit to the clinic).

Student:  Prescription Medication (May be partially completed online and printed, may require physician order and signature.  Submit to clinic.) NOTE: All Prescription Medication must be delivered to the clinic in the original container/package, expiration dates must be valid for the current school year.  Medications not within these requirements will not be accepted.


RenWeb Parent Portal Set Up:

Saint Mary’s School has implemented  RenWeb – a parent and student information system that includes a number of online applications that give parents the ability to edit information online and enter information related to the Saint Mary’s School Experience.  Each family must create a login in to the system, keep their demographic information current, and record family service hours utilizing the web-based tools made available to parents.

Parent Portal Instructions


Student Planners:

Students are encouraged to use a student planner offered by Saint Mary’s to help organize their assignments and track upcoming assessments.  Ordered planners will be available on meet the teacher day in your students homeroom.  If you didn’t pre-order, your student can purchase one at the office the first week of school.

Student Planners Order


After School Care:

Parents must re-register for after school care each year.  Registration payment will be billed.  Please be sure to complete the registration form and submit it to the office on or before Meet the Teacher Day.

ASC Brochure    Required:  ASC Registration Form

ASC Online Registration


Yearbooks are ordered at the beginning of the year, and delivered at the end of the year.  Yearbooks are printed by the number of copies ordered, with only a few extra copies available for purchase at the end of the year.  It is most likely that if you do not order the yearbook(s) at the beginning of the year, you will not be able to obtain a copy.

Yearbook Orders



Dropping off and picking up students requires attention to detail and following posted procedures in order to keep our students safe.  Please view the document which describes the drop off and pick up procedures.

  1. Walk up students will be dismissed by teachers following the loading of all cars.  In order to insure that a) all students are under supervision during dismissal, and b) teachers’ attention are not distracted during the times when there are moving vehicles, students being picked up by parents from the school using the walk up method will not be released until all moving vehicles are loaded.  You are encouraged to pick up students from your vehicle, as this will now be the most expeditious pick up method.  It is extremely important that students understand that they are not to independently locate parents and “self-dismiss.”  Teachers are required to account for the supervision of all students and any student leaving that supervision, even at the direction of parents, are violating this procedure.  Please be patient and follow this our procedures to help insure the safety of all students!
  2. Immediately following dismissal, at 3:10 PM, supervision of students will be turned over to the after school care staff.  Pick up of students from After School Care will be by a walk up and sign out procedure, and incurs a full day’s after school care charge.  Teachers are required to attend meetings and other obligations at 3:10, and are not available to supervise students after 3:10 PM.  Parents are given a 20 minute “grace” period between the 2:50 PM dismissal time and the 3:10 PM cut off.

Carpool Map & Instructions


Handbook and Technology Acceptable Use forms

Knowing the “rules” and understanding how to remain safe when using the available technology in the school is important for the health and safety of all of our students.  Please read the parent / student handbook as well as the technology acceptable use policies (one for Grades 1 – 5 and one for Middle School).  Students and parents are asked to acknowledge reading these documents by signing and submitting the forms below.

Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Technology and Acceptable Use Policy, Grades 1-5

Technology and Acceptable Use Policy, Middle School