Gala 2023 was a HUGE SUCCESS and that was because of all of you!

The SMCS PTO Board would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who helped make this year’s Gala such a success, and such a fun Night in Havana. Your PTO Board & Planning Committee worked for months to create such a fantastic event but the focus is not just on a fun night, but on how we can come together as a community to support the school, our teachers, and our children. 

We know everyone is dying to know the success of the night and we are so excited and proud to share. We have worked to be as transparent as possible this year so we want to share all the numbers with you. Below are the numbers as we have them right now:

  • Total revenue: $147,000
  • Total expenses: $89,518
  • Net Profit: $57,482

We came into the Gala with a goal of raising $50,000 and as you can see, we surpassed that goal!

How will these funds be distributed? Great question!

We are pleased to announce that $40,000 of the net profit will go towards the Built on Faith Campaign, and $15,500 will go towards updating technology for our students, teachers and classrooms.

Thank you again for your generosity as this would never be possible without your collective support! 


Your SMCS PTO Board

ABOVE: This year’s event was held at the John Marshall Ballroom in downtown Richmond.