Saint Mary’s School has implemented (as of September 2015) RenWeb – a parent and student information system that includes a number of online applications that give parents the ability to edit information online and enter information related to the Saint Mary’s School Experience.  Each family is encouraged to create a login in to the system, keep their demographic information current, and record family service hours utilizing the web-based tools made available to parents.

AccessingParentsWeb instructions are available to assist in accessing the online web pages.

Instructions for entering and updating demographic information for students, parents, grandparents, carpool substitutes, and emergency contacts, as well as recording “Stewardship” service hours are available.

Parents have access to an online directory of school family and staff information.  This directory is available only to parents who have a login and password to ParentsWeb.  You may opt-out your directory information from the online directory by following this information:  School on-line Directory

Additional services will be made available on this parent portal.