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Many, many factors go into the decisions that are made regarding classroom  placement.  Factors such as gender balance between classes, heterogeneous groupings, learning style accommodations, etc. are taken into consideration as  teachers prepare next year’s class lists.  Class lists are a collaborative effort of the  current grade teachers and the decisions made are strictly adhered to. Saint Mary’s  seeks input from parents as an additional consideration as class lists are prepared. 

 While specific requests for teachers / classrooms are not considered, there are a number of factors that parents can be instrumental in providing that assists in the  placement process.

 Please note that although few changes in faculty are anticipated, changes do occur occasionally over the summer.  Please do not speculate with your child on the teacher  that they will have for the following year, as an unanticipated change creates  disappointment and often has lasting effects on a student.

 Please consider carefully any information you would like the current teachers to be aware of as the placement of your student for next year is considered and share that  information on the following webpage:

 Input will be received until Tuesday, May 13th.