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Saint Mary’s Catholic School
MYP Newsletter
August 29, 2014

General Information
For information about the new testing that will be administered this year to all middle school students please refer to the link below.

Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer
6th Grade- We are finishing up going over our summer reading. The children have already taken a test on Hatchet and will be tested on Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie next week. We will begin our novel study of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer next week.
7th Grade- Currently we are wrapping up our coverage of summer reading. First, we discussed All of the Above and now we are almost finished with our study of After Ever After. They will be tested on the latter next week. On Wednesday, we will commence reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
8th Grade- Our 8th grade students have been reviewing types of sentences and subjects and predicates. They are about half way through this unit. Next we will cover nouns.

Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock
6th grade Writing and Grammar— The new-to- Middle School-kids began looking at the mechanics of sentences and sat for their first Grammar test on Wednesday. They’ve been working on their writing every day in response to prompts. They’re an eager and pleasant bunch, and seem ready for our curriculum.
7th grade Writing and Grammar– We’ve begun Grammar with a review of the 8 parts of speech. The journal work is ongoing, and they’re being asked for more thoughtful responses this year. The 7th graders know the drill, and are behaving like 7th graders always behave!
8th grade Literature and Writing—Our daily writing tasks are designed to get them thinking about the plot developments we’re encountering in our first novel, Fahrenheit 451, where things are heating up as we reach the middle of the story.

Science- Mr. Short
6th Grade- There will be a test on Scientific Methods next week. The students got brand new text books this week. Please make sure they are covered and taken care of.
7th Grade- The students will be finishing Chapter 1 and will have a test next week. They are working on a dichotomous key project both in class and at home.
8th Grade- The students had their first test on Friday. They did a lab on density last week as well. Next week they will learn about mapping and then move onto geology.

Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks
French 6- We have reviewed the French alphabet and counting 0-30. Our new students have learned both really well. We have begun to have actual conversations!
French 7-We have been reviewing the lessons from last year and working on basic conversation skills. We did a question and answer activity using Chatterkids, our first new IB assessment of the school year. Welcome back!
French 8- We have been reviewing the first 5 + chapters of vocabulary and verbs and had fun playing “the cup” game to review our questions words. Off to a great start!

Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson
6th Grade- We are learning our greetings and expressions of courtesy.
7th Grade- We continue to review our first verb “ser” and are currently reviewing Unit 1 vocabulary. They will have a quiz on “ser” and Unit 1 vocabulary soon.
8th grade- We’re still reviewing verbs and vocabulary that we studied last year. Next week they will be taking a quiz on ser, estar, dar and ir and will also be quizzed on Unit 2 vocabulary.

Math- Mrs. Koehler
6th Grade- We are off to a SUPER start! The students seem to be adjusting to the schedule and getting used to lockers. All tests/quizzes are posted several days ahead on the calendar on the homework board. The mid-chapter 1 quiz has been postponed to Tuesday, 9/2, after the holiday in order for the students to get more proficient on the material. We have been learning about prime/composite numbers and making factor trees.
Please check your son/daughter’s afternoon binder. It should have two sections for math and no loose papers. All of their notes and homework are kept in one section and the tests/quizzes are to be kept in the next session. I give them a lot of hand-out worksheets which should also be in the binder following the day’s lesson notes. These are very helpful with additional notes on the Study Guide side and lots of problems on both sides. Please assist your child in keeping all of these papers in order in their 3-ring binders. These are so helpful when studying for the assessments.
7th Grade- We started the year off with an IB Project titled “Going the Distance.” This has been a lesson in “Problem Solving Skills” which is a huge part of day-to-day life in the world outside of school. So, rather than simply examining the 4-Step Problem Solving Plan by doing word problem worksheets, the students applied this 4-step plan to a real life project. They worked in groups and planned incredible vacations to New Orleans, NYC, Universal Studio, Turks and Caicos all under the price of $3500 including travel, lodging, food, sight-seeing and souvenirs! Be on the lookout for a Chapter 1 quiz next week!
8th Grade- Algebra is off to a great start taking their first quiz this week. We are exploring expressions, equations and functions. Be on the look-out for the Chapter 1 test next week.
Looking forward to a fun year with all of the students!

Math- Mrs. Schiavo
Accelerated Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra- These first two weeks of the new school year have been busy, challenging and fun. We began our study of Pre-Algebra by reading mathematics and translating expressions. We also completed our first quiz. Check out the bottom of assessments; most will contain statements of mathematical amazement, amusement and challenge. I add these facts at the end of assessments as enrichment material to nurture the students’ curiosity.

Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey
6th grade US History- The students have learned the Five Themes of Geography, different types of maps, and how to determine absolute location of a city on a map. They are also learning how to take notes using the outline format. Next week they will examine the landscapes, climate, and resources of the Americas. Their first test will be toward the end of next week, and a study guide will be provided.
7th grade US History- The 7th graders also learned the Five Themes of Geography as well as the major differences between the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850. Next week we will study the Election of 1856 and begin talking about events that precipitated the Civil War. The students will have their first test toward the end of next week, and a study guide will be provided.
8th grade World History- This week the 8th grade students learned about the Five Themes of Geography, early man, the Paleolithic Age, and the Neolithic Revolution. Next week the students will examine the birth of civilization in Mesopotamia. They will have their first test mid-week next week, and a study guide will be provided.

Service- Mrs. Heishman
Welcome! The following was emailed out to all parents on August 25th. If you did not receive it, please check your junk email.

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new a school year!

For those of you new to Saint Mary’s, I hope you have received a warm welcome and I am glad you have joined us.

My name is Heather Heishman and I coordinate all the Middle School Service, as well as schedule the participants for our weekly school Mass. We require each student to complete 25 hours of service per school year. Hours cannot carry over to the next year.

We will have many opportunities for your child to earn hours this year within this setting and outside of our school. They can also give back to other organizations as well.

As opportunities arise, I will email all of you. You simply email me back and I will confirm your child’s spot or let you know it has filled up. Once all spots are filled, I will email everyone so that you know.

Your child will be keeping track of their service hours online this year! We will be going over this over the next few weeks in school. Our returning students know how to do this and should be staying up to date. Our new students will pick it up and will be rolling right along.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are involved in an organization and need some help from our Middle School students, please partner with me and we’ll put the call out for help.

If you have additional email addresses that would like to receive my emails, please email me and I will add them.

Design- Mrs. Clopton
Students have been busy learning about the new IB terms in Design Class. We have gone over IB Learner Profiles, Global Contexts and the Design Cycle. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will be having a quiz in the next few weeks on these terms. Students have begun setting up their Design journals in class in preparation for our first project. Middle school will be learning how to log on to the Scantron Performance Series website using our Google Chrome Books. Our window to have fall testing is quickly approaching.

PE- Coach Spicer
6th Grade
• Introduction to stretches
• Practice fitness tests, working on flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance
7th Grade
• Stretching
• Introduction to core strength exercises
• Goal setting
• Practice fitness tests
8th Grade
• Stretching
• Core strength exercises, including creating descriptions of exercises for a “beginner”
• Determining which muscle groups are used for certain exercises Goal setting Practice fitness tests

Music- Mrs. Taylor
**All Middle School students are to have brought in a 1 inch binder that will serve as their IB Music Process Journal throughout all MYP years at Saint Mary’s.
6th grade-Begin Music 2nd Semester. They may bring their Music Process Journals (1 in. binder) down to the music room to be labeled and stored.
7th grade-They have selected their “Music that Endures” project dates. We have also begun working on casting the Nativity and music which will be presented here in the church on the night of Tues. Dec. 16th 7-8pm.
8th grade-Religious Arts We have begun work on the Living Rosary which will be presented directly after Mass (approx. 9:45am) on Wed. Oct. 8th here in the church. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend if available.

Dates to Remember:

Monday: Labor Day (No School)

Wednesday: School Mass at 9 am

September 12th- First Dance