Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer

6th Grade:  Our discussions during our reading of The Giver has been phenomenal.  This week will be a spelling week so there will be a test on Unit 10 on Friday, February 13th.

7th Grade:  Anne Frank has given us an opportunity to delve into the secret annexe and the mind of someone in a terrible experience.  We will talk about the importance of reading primary sources when examining history.    This week will be a spelling week so there will be a test on Unit 10 on Friday, February 13th.

8th Grade:  Our journey to understand pronouns continues!  This week will be a spelling week so there will be a test on Unit 10 on Friday, February 13th.



  Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th Grade  Grammar and Writing–  These kids can’t seem to get enough of the Verb Unit!  You can take that any number of ways, but a quick look at your student’s communicator should let you know what it means in his or her case.  We’ll keep at it for a few more days and then have a big ol’ Unit Test as the week of the 9th concludes.


7th Grade  Grammar and Writing — Where would we be without Pronouns?  In the Preposition Unit, I suppose.  We’re realizing that the culture has done us a grave disservice by presenting us with a steady diet of pronoun mis-usage; it’s like one of those dystopian dramas the kids like so much– wherein the bold young protagonists conclude they’re being lied to by the authorities and now must fight to restore goodness and sanity– except with proper pronoun usage.  As the sardonic old cave-dweller keeping the forbidden grammar safe, I can show them the way to First Honors if they will only prove themselves worthy.  Test late next week!


8th Grade Literature and Writing– The beginning of the week will give us the first glimpse of Long John Silver’s dark side.  Characters so ambiguous are unusual in fiction (and almost non-existent in juvenile fiction) though less rare in real life, and I hope the kids will wrestle with the complexities of Silver within the framework of the novel. They’ll have a chance to reflect (that’s a test, for those non-reflective types) on the first half of the book before the end of the week.  Aaargh!

Science- Mr. Short

All students: Week 4 for the Science fair is due on Friday February 13th.

6th grade will be learning about the changes of life and environments over time.

7th grade will continue learning about healthy eatting. Students may sign up for myfitnesspal with parental approval. This website will help them track what they are eatting. They will be required to record 3 days of what they eat.

8th grade will be working on a poster project next week partially in class and partially at home.



Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks


Attention to all French students:  Thursday, February 5th was “World Nutella Day”.  It’s not too late to celebrate at  home!

French 6th grade:  We’re enjoying talking and singing about foods in French.   Ask your student to say the blessing before meals from time to time in French.

French 7th grade:  We will be finishing our unit on families and houses in the next two weeks.  The students will be assigned a summative task soon that will involve presenting their homes and families very soon.

French 8:  We just finished watching the French classic film, “Jean de Florette”.  Monday we will celebrate the season of mardi gras or carnival, in advance by visiting Les Crepes restaurant.   It’s an 8th grade tag day, so the students may wear dressy tag day clothing.  No jeans, please.

Bonne Fin de Semaine~


Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson



6th grade

We are starting our first High School Unit! They will be learning how to describe themselves in Spanish.  This week they will learn singular pronouns and “Palabras 1” vocabulary.  They should practicing their vocabulary every night.  Soon they will be learning to conjugate their first verb!

7th grade

We will be starting Unit 5, which is our food unit.  This unit has so much vocabulary that I break the vocabulary into four sections.  They should be working on memorizing “Palabras 1” this week. Soon they will be introduced to “er and ir” verbs. Most of them enjoyed the “mariquitas” that I made for them.  We will be having more tasting opportunities!

8th grade

We will be starting Unit 10 which is about the theatre and other cultural events.  We have the opportunity to watch a movie in Spanish and learn lines to perform a play for the younger classes.  The younger kids LOVE when we perform these plays for them and the teachers are always impressed how well the 8th grade productions.


7th & 8th grade students are welcome to come in on Wednesday (Feb 11) and Thursday (Feb. 12)from 3-4 to practice for the NSE.



Math- Mrs. Koehler



6th Grade: The students are excited since we have moved into the Algebra Unit.  We are working on learning the “integer rules”.  These must be mastered just like the multiplication tables.  Please work with your student as we move through this chapter drilling them on the integer rules.  I will be assessing them periodically. The integer rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division must be mastered before moving on to 7th grade in order to insure a smooth transition.

 7th Grade:  Please don’t forget to check your student’s Communication binder for math test/quiz grades.  We started Chapter 7 on Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Functions.  This is only a six lesson chapter and should go smoothly and quickly.  As always, there will be some form of assessment most likely towards the end of the week.

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – Please be sure to check the Communicator for your student’s grades.  They had both the Chapter 6 test and vocabulary quiz returned this week.  Some of the students found the vocabulary quiz to be more difficult than others in the past.  This is because the quiz was an “application” quiz of the knowledge they learned in Chapter 6.  I try to change the test/quiz formats a bit to expose them to all types of testing.  It is essential they understand how to apply concepts in high school versus regurgitating memorized information. Chapter 7 on “Solving Linear Inequalities” should be a bit easier than Chapter 6 which is one of the harder chapters in the book.  Be on the lookout for a mid-chapter quiz the end of the week!

Algebra (HS) – As mentioned last week, Chapter 6 will consist of a Part 1 and Part 2 test due to the level of difficulty.  The students took Part 1 Monday and some of the scores were low.  I am offering another test on Tuesday, 2/10, for any students wishing to take it.  I will average the two grades together and this will, hopefully, improve their score.  If the student scores lower, the grade will be discarded rather than lowering the test grade.  We spent all week reviewing the concepts in lessons 6-1 to 6-2 so the students should be feeling more confident. I hope you are taking advantage of the Communicator where all grades should be recorded.  It is really important that you check it weekly!  Please remind your student to STUDY OVER THE WEEKEND!!!  They should not wait until Monday night to study if they are looking to improve their score.

Ms. Koehler

Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra

An “aha moment”  came this week when the students discovered that some algebraic equations have infinitely many solutions and some have no solutions.  Of course their first question was, “Is this going to be on the test?”  I answered by telling them what is on the test is what I value about mathematics – understanding different types of problems as opposed to merely learning rote mathematical procedures.  The process of mathematical reasoning, problem  solving and representing mathematics in a variety of ways is fundamental.


Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey


6th grade US History

After taking a quiz on the Washington administration, the students spent the rest of the week learning about the presidency of John Adams. The week of the 9th we will take an in depth look at the Jefferson administration. I anticipate a test by the end of the week.

7th grade US History

The students will complete their study of WWI this week with a test by the end of the week.

8th grade US History

The students will continue their exploration of ancient Rome. The week of the 9th they will study life in the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity.




Religion- Mrs. Slifka

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6th Grade- We are closing up our unit on the Creed.  All Jesus Journal assignments will be collected this week.  Friday is the last day to update the grades for the creed.

7th Grade- All assignments in the Jesus Journal to be collected this week.  Gradebook to be closed out on Friday 13th

8th Grade- Assessment on Thursday-Friday on study guide reviewed in class.

We will be doing uniform checks in the next few weeks.  Please see the handbook if needed.


Please contact me at if you would like more information and/or an application.


The Diocesan Youth Conference is Friday, February 27 through Sunday, March 1, – info on this will come out closer to the date.  We are asking that all students bring a Saint Mary’s Sweatshirt so that Father Mike can find us easily on Saturday- plus, we have quite a crowd!!


Design- Mrs. Clopton


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PE- Coach Spicer


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Music- Mrs. Taylor


Composer of the Month: January – Frederic Chopin

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Art- Mrs. Dunham


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