The Middle School exam schedule has been updated and posted:

For exam schedule


Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer

6th Grade- We will continue our study of The Giver next week.  Once again there will be a quiz on Wednesday or Thursday.  On Friday (3/6) the students will be have a spelling test on Unit 11.
7th Grade-  We will continue our study of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl next week.  Once again there will be a quiz on Wednesday or Thursday.  On Friday (3/6) the students will be have a spelling test on Unit 11.
8th Grade-   The students finished the unit on pronouns this week.  Next, we will be looking at the appropriate research methods for research papers.  We will be exploring how to find credible sources and some of the simple guidelines for creating a research paper.  On Friday (3/6) the students will be have a spelling test on Unit 11.



Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th Grade Grammar and Writing– The kids did well on their Verb Unit test, and we’ve moved on to writing the Personal Narrative.  We’ll be working on those in class much of the time for the next week, and I anticipate a due date early the week of March 9th.

7th Grade Grammar and Writing– We’ll also be working on the Personal Narrative form.  We’ll read a few, and listen to some others.  Students should be considering possible moments to recount for their own narratives– small, meaningful moments work best.   We’ll also be looking at Prepositions, which can be found almost everywhere, including this very sentence!

8th Grade Literature and Language– Cutlasses are swinging away on Treasure Island, and we’ll soon find out whether or not to trust Long John Silver and any other of his leering, rapacious shipmates.



Science- Mr. Short

All grades:

The Science Fair is due on Friday March 20th. The Science Fair will be on Thursday March 26th from 6:30-7:30pm. All student should attend this event. There will be no weekly assignments for the next 2 weeks. Students should be working on their experiments.


Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks


French 6- We just participated in the National French Contest!  I sent the answer sheets off immediately, but we won’t get results for a while.
We are finishing our unit on Body Parts and Health. ” Santé!” is often used in French as a toast, like we say, “Cheers”!

French 7-The National French Contest is coming!  I don’t have the testing materials yet, but we hope to participate the week of March 2nd or the week of March 9th.
No studying is required, but if your student would like to stay after school on Thursday, March 5th, to take a practice test, he/she may.  We plan to take the Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday, March 3rd in class.

French 8- The National French Contest is coming!  We are hoping to participate the week of March 2nd, or the week of the 9th.  No studying is required, but if your student would like to stay after school on Thursday, the 5th, to take a practice test, he/she may.

Have a great weekend!

Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson


No updates this week.

Math- Mrs. Koehler


NOTICE: Math Lab continues to meet on Monday and Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in the MS math room.

6th Grade: The students have been assessed with two integer quizzes.  Be sure to check their returned quizzes to see how they are progressing.  If they are not scoring an “A”, please have them go to and practice “operations with integers +,-, x, .”  With the threat of weekly snow, it has been difficult to narrow down exact dates for assessments.  As I am writing this on Wednesday night, the prediction is for a snow storm.  If there is no snow then the students will have completed a Chapter 8 vocabulary quiz and computation test by the end of this week.  If we had the snowfall, then those assessments will be moved back a day.  Hope you are able to follow….!

 7th Grade:  The students completed a Chapter 7 vocabulary quiz this week and, hopefully, took the Chapter 7 test on Friday.  If the snow storm came Thursday, then the chapter test will be Monday.

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – We are winding down with Chapter 7.  The prediction for the Vocabulary quiz is Tuesday, 3/3 and the Chapter 7 test on Wednesday, 3/4.  The students have found solving open equations with absolute value to be a bit of a challenge.  Please make sure they are putting in the necessary study time.  Also, remember is an excellent study tool to use for review.

Algebra (HS) – Chapter 6 has proven to be quite a challenge.  If we weren’t snowed out then the students will have taken their final assessment on Chapter 6.  I broke the chapter into two parts so the latest test was only on 3 sections so scores should be good!  Please check their communicators for the chapter vocabulary quiz.  Most students scored extremely well but others not so well.  I reviewed, in great depth, for this quiz so if the student took good notes on the outline, then there were no surprises!

Stay warm!

Ms. Koehler

Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra

We are exploring the wonderful world of solving and graphing linear equations.  We learned 4 ways to graph a linear equation:  using a table of values, using the x-intercept and y-intercept, using the slope and the y-intercept and the students’ favorite, using the graphing calculator.  We also practiced turning words into linear equations.  The difficult part of solving word problems is translating the words into equations.   I do compliment the students as they are getting pretty good at this.  Lastly, we discovered solving linear equations has real world applications.  Wow, it was a busy week.

Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey


6th Grade US History

The students explored the presidency of James Madison and  the War of 1812 through a multi-media lesson on Blendspace. They also got to hear the famous song, “The Battle of New Orleans.” The week wrapped up with a quiz. The week of March 2nd (March already?!) the 6th graders will take a look at how the Industrial Revolution and the big push to move west changed the United States.

7th Grade US History

This week the students learned about the “Roaring Twenties.” Feel free to ask them about Al Capone, flappers, or Babe Ruth. Believe it or not, they even learned how to do the Charleston! They wrapped up the week by experiencing what I call, “Stock Market 101” in order to understand the Crash of 1929. The week of March 2nd will start with a quiz and then it’s on to World War II. There will be a major project for WWII, so please be on the lookout for information about that next week from your child.

8th Grade World Civilizations

It’s all about Islam this week. The students learned about the religion, its growth, and the expansion of the Arab Empire. We also spent a class period discussing Islam as it relates to ISIS. After a quiz on Islam midweek  the week of March 2nd, we move our focus to early African civilizations.

Religion- Mrs. Slifka

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We continue to be doing uniform checks in the next few weeks.  I am counting on Parents to help with this. I prefer to be present to the students in the morning concerning other things than uniform, and I really do not like sending kids to the office first thing in the morning. Please see the handbook if needed.

The info below may bump out depending on the weather. Jesus Journal assignments continue to be assigned next week- this does not include prompts that come up next week.

6th Grade- We are creating presentation on the Beatitudes in class to present this Friday through next Thursday.   Jesus Journal assignments to be checked next include: Beatitude prompt on one that challenges you (and a reflection) 1-2 paragraphs, reflection on Veggie Tale video on Selfishness (minimum 1 paragraph),

7th Grade- We have reviewed the 7 Gifts of the Spirit in class and learned a note taking method, they are researching the 12 Gifts of the Spirit using this method and creating presentations next week. These presentations have been worked on in class a few times this past week. If students need more time- they will need to work at home- however they are in groups. I mentioned Google sites so that they can work from each home if needed and collaborate on line. I also have an account which I shared with them This way they can share with me for their presentation. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS- if they have a different type of presentation. I gave them choice with this assignment.

8th Grade- Researching the various councils throughout our Church History. Students are assigned a specific council to research and present to the class. Research should be completed by Friday, upon completion of research, presentations will be created in class. Students will only need to work on this at home should they need more time or choose to on their own.

DYC info- Well- here we go!!   This should be a great weekend!

We will have Sunday morning Mass at 10:30am.    The Conference will end at 12:00pm.

Design- Mrs. Clopton



6th Grade –  Students are still working on their iMovie trailers and are doing a great job. I have been impressed how creative they have been.

7th Grade- Students are finishing up with their Garageband ringtones.  We will soon have a Battle of the Bands competition to see which ringtone gets the most votes.

8th Grade-  There is so much to say about what we are doing in class the next few weeks.  Students should have turned in their research paper in class.  March is approaching and students will need to begin planning their final steps of the Community project. More details to come soon. Students are also going to be working on creating a slide show for graduation. Students are encouraged to bring up to 15 pictures to choose to be included in the show ( only up to 10 will actually be used).


PE- Coach Spicer



6th grade: Students have reviewed for their soccer unit test, and were able to successfully work as a team.  The students gained experience with different parts of the sport, learning rules, terms, positions, as well as formations/strategies.


7th grade: Students are finishing their soccer unit with a test.  They have learned some of the history and background, from soccer’s roots in England to its international popularity, which is matched by no other sport.


8th grade: Students gained experience working as “captains” for their teams, helping with position assignments, as well as giving tips to those who needed assistance with their roles.  They have completed their soccer unit test and have started with small sided games in floor hockey, after reviewing some fundamental skill work.



Music- Mrs. Taylor


Composer of the Month: February: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-we have discussed his untimely death at the age of 35 due to an infection that began a strep throat. Antibiotics were not discovered until 140 years later….too late to save the greatest musical mind of all time.

6th grade: Students are doing a “Glorious” job on the song we are working on for the Spring Sing. We will be rescheduling many of their Music Inspiration presentations due to TAW and snow days.

8th grade: We have completed our World Music Reports and are focusing on our Dinner Theater Production. The production date has been set as Wed. May 6th est. beginning time of 6pm. Our production this year will be benefiting the TRF in behalf of pediatric cancer. TRF was founded with Tyler’s family along with Imagine Dragons. This week our 8th grade will be part of the world wide M4 event. March 4th is the date Tyler passed away two years ago, the foundation is using the date to now “March Fourth” against childhood cancer, raising awareness and offering a voice of hope to families. The event already has 41 events  happening in 21 countries.

Check out for more info.

Art- Mrs. Dunham

Sixth Grade Religious Art

Student artists have completed their Madonna and Child mixed media pieces. They are stunning!  These will not be coming home right away as I am saving them for the spring art show.

 Seventh Grade Art

Seventh graders are progressing nicely on their “Rad Bike” project.  Students are learning about composition, shape and color theory in works of art.  I have been impressed with the high quality of the weekly 20 minute drawing assignment for most of the students.