Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer


6th Grade- We entered the Twilight Zone this week so if things seem strange around the sixth grade then that might explain it.  Our literature books have a classic teleplay for the famous episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”.  We enjoyed reading this, then watching the episode from the 50’s.  Both classes had great debates about the meaning behind it and what led to the characters’ demise.  On Friday, January 30th  they will have a spelling test on Unit 9.
7th Grade- The members of the “Secret Annexe” have gotten a new roommate.  Between this new addition and the tension building between the Franks and Van Daans, we have seen a fair amount of quarreling in Anne’s diary.   Anne keeps us apprised with what is going on with the war and with other Jewish families during this time so this puts everything in context for us.  On Friday, January 30th  they will have a spelling test on Unit 9.
8th Grade-  We’ve finished our unit on capitalization and punctuation, so the students will be having a unit test on Wednesday.  We will review on Monday and Tuesday.   On Friday, January 30th  they will have a spelling test on Unit 9.

  Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Grammar and Writing-  We will continue our extended look at verbs, and will this week examine the simple and perfect tenses in addition to irregular forms.  These are ideal subjects for those little Google quizzes.


7th Grade Grammar and Writing–  The kids are awash in adjectives and adverbs, and are trying to brighten their writing with accurate, personalized details.  Don’t let them speak in generic terms about anything!  Make them be specific.


8th Grade Literature and Language–  To begin Catholic Schools Week, the 8th grade will read a short story by Andre Dubus, which has much to do with Catholicism in practice during trying circumstances.   Later in the week, we’ll board the Hispaniola and sail off in search of treasure in Part II
of Treasure Island.

Science- Mr. Short

6th Grade:  Week 2 is due Monday

7th Grade: Test is on Monday and Week 2 is due on Tuesday

8th Grade: Test is on Monday and Week 2 is due on Tuesday


Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks


French 6: A huge MERCI to parents and students for all of the delicious and beautiful foods for our fête d’épiphanie!
French 7: La vie est simple : manger, dormir et parler français !
French 8: Merci Mille fois for all of the fantastique foods for our fête d’épiphanie !


Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson



No updates this week.


Math- Mrs. Koehler


NOTICE:   Math Lab will be held next week on Monday and Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in the MS math room.

Also, don’t forget Catholic Schools Week begins Sunday.  If your child wears their SMCS uniform to any church, they may have a tag day on Monday, 1/19.  This is done on the honor system.  There are many more details on the exciting week ahead, so please see the website. 

6th Grade: I think some of the students may have forgotten to study for the Chapter 6 vocabulary quiz given on Tuesday.  Please look in their communicator for the recorded grade.   We are moving quickly through Chapter 7 on multiplying and dividing fractions.  Most of this is review but they seem to need a little reminder on converting mixed numbers before multiplying/dividing.  Also, we are working on the concept of “cancelling” common factors before performing the operation in order to make simplifying easier.  In trying to show them the necessity of the applications learned, the students were asked to bring in a recipe where they had to convert all ingredients into 2x, 3x, and half the recipe using the concepts learned on fractions.  As an added bonus, they were encouraged to also convert to metric measurement. There are only 3 vocabulary words in this chapter which will be incorporated into the computation test instead of a separate quiz.  There is a possibility for a quiz next week but we may move straight to test.  Then, we are off to Algebra!

7th Grade:  If all goes as planned, expect a Chapter 6 Vocabulary quiz around Wednesday and the Chapter 6 test on Thursday or Friday.   With Catholic Schools Week activities, this schedule is subject to change.

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – I originally scheduled a Chapter 6 test for Friday but that has been pushed to Tuesday, 1/27.  Chapter 6 has some difficult concepts and I want to insure the students master them before moving forward with the test.

Algebra (HS) – The students took a short quiz on Lessons 6-1 and 6-2 on Thursday.  This is a complex chapter so I will be assessing them every 2 sections to insure they are mastering the skills.  With that said, expect another quiz mid-week on Lessons 6-1 to 6-4.


Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra

We are finishing up our work in Chapter 6 –  working with ratios, percents, decimals and the percent equation.  The students discovered and accepted the fact that decimals, fractions, and percents are really all the same thing.   We also examined negative percents and how they are used in real life when dealing with money, the stock market and value of items.


Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey


No updates this week.


Religion- Mrs. Slifka

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My email is if you need to contact me.  (I understand it is not on the website.)
 6th GradePrayer to memorize for before January 27th is the Apostles Creed
This may help: 
We continue to understand the Apostles Creed- we want to fully understand what we are memorizing.  We discussed “How can we follow in Jesus’ footsteps”? 
7th Grade Prayer to memorize for before January 27th is the Nicene Creed. 
 Peacemakers program- we discussed Honesty, Joy, and Courage and created posters with supportive scripture;
Jesus Journal:  ask your child about the video on “Let God Control your Feelings” 
 8th Grade Prayer to memorize for before January 27th is the Nicene Creed
 We have read and discuss the early church AD 30-313 and the roots of church leadership.  Notes have been highlighted and put in Jesus journal.  Ask your child about Saint Charles Lwanga-  patron saint of African American men or Lydia, Prisca and Perpetua –women of the early church.
The Diocesan Youth Conference is Friday, February 27 through Sunday, March 1, – info on this will come out closer to the date.  We are asking that all students bring a Saint Mary’s Sweatshirt so that Father Mike can find us easily on Saturday- plus, we have quite a crowd!!


Design- Mrs. Clopton


6th Grade- Students will begin their Book Review iMovie trailer project.  Students will be using novels they were required to read over the summer or in Mr. Schaefer’s class to base their iMovie trailer on. This is our first project using the new iMac computers.  Students should bring their flashdrive to class in order to save their work.  Students will be working in groups of 4 or 5 to complete this project.  I am  very excited to be able to present this lesson, but also know we may encounter a few roadblocks as we move forward. 
7th Grade- Students are wrapping up their unit on Moore’s Law, Digital Divide, and Technology Development. Students will be watching the Movie Meet the Robinsons in class and will be able to discuss  what they learned in class on technology and compare it to examples from the movie.
8th Grade-Students are working on their research papers in class.  Students are learning to input their sources in Microsoft Word and then use them to cite facts within their research paper.  I have been impressed with their papers so far.  Papers are due by  Friday, January 30th.. 


PE- Coach Spicer


No updates this week.


Music- Mrs. Taylor


Composer of the Month: January – Frederic Chopin

Students have not been told the composer for Jan. yet—if middle school students are able to correctly identify the new composer of the month this week they will be awarded 5 bonus points (and I will know those of you that are readingJ)

 No additional updates this week.


Art- Mrs. Dunham


No updates this week.


                 Next Sunday (1-25-2015) is Catholic School Sunday and the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. Look at the  school website for information.  Students are encouraged to wear their school uniforms to Mass this Sunday.