NOTE: The  IB General Grade Descriptors page was left out of the report card folders that went home on Friday the 16th. Sorry!  Look for the document next week; it should clarify your student(s) reported IB grades.   Report cards should be signed and returned to homerooms on Tuesday the 20th.

Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer


6th Grade:   This week we read “Three Skeleton Key”, an exciting short story told from the perspective of a lighthouse attendant who survived an attack by ravenous sea rats.  After reading the story, we had a creative writing assignment where we told the story from a rat’s perspective.   Next Friday, January 23rd, the students will have a vocabulary test on Unit 9.
7th Grade:  We have begun our study of Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young GirlFortunately, we have had time to explore the context of what was going on in the world during that time.  On Wednesday, each student had a chance to navigate through the virtual tour of her house in Amsterdam on Chromebooks.  We will do this a few times throughout our study of this famous piece of literature.  Next Friday, January 23rd, the students will have a vocabulary test on Unit 9.
8th Grade:  Our look at the rules of capitalization, punctuation, and common mistakes in writing continues.  The students took a quiz this week on capitalization, the appropriate use of commas, and how to write the names of long works and short works.   They can expect a quiz on the second half of the unit at some point next week.  Next Friday, January 23rd, the students will have a vocabulary test on Unit 9.


  Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Grammar and Writing– In Grammar, we’re wading into our longest and (historically) most difficult unit: Verbs.  The kids will have a few tests as we proceed, starting with one mid-week to determine how well they’ve understood direct objects and the transitive/intransitive distinction.

7th grade Grammar and Writing– I hope the writing in 7th grade will get more vivid and precise as we turn our attention (and attention is the operative word for 7th grade) to Modifiers. As the kids focus on the effective use of adjectives and adverbs, they’ll also move toward a descriptive essay assignment.

8th grade Literature and Language– If your 8th grader is sounding like a tattered old pirate, that’s a good thing, since we’ve started our reading of Treasure Island.  We’ll be learning a bit about annotation, particularly as it urges them to find evidence pointing toward future events as they speculate about what might happen next.  This novel is, like most serialized novels, full of action, and since action is like grog to these kids, I think they’ll be captivated as the story unfolds.     On the writing side, we’re trying to prep for the Specialty Center writing tests by looking at prompts used in past years; we’ll try to keep pirate talk out of these essays, entirely.


Science- Mr. Short


All grades: The students will get their Science fair topics back next week and the assignments for weeks 2, 3 and 4.
6th grade: Will have a genetics test next week on sections 1 and 2 only.
7th grade: Will have a test next week on Bones and Muscles.
8th grade: Is learning about weather and will have a test soon.

Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks


French 6: A huge MERCI to parents and students for all of the delicious and beautiful foods for our fête d’épiphanie!
French 7: La vie est simple : manger, dormir et parler français !
French 8: Merci Mille fois for all of the fantastique foods for our fête d’épiphanie !


Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson



No updates this week.


Math- Mrs. Koehler


NOTICE:   Math Lab will be held next week only on Wednesday due to the holiday on Monday.

6th Grade: We ended last week with a Chapter 6 test on Friday.  Please remind your student during the long weekend to study for the Chapter 6 vocabulary quiz which will be on Tuesday, 1/20.  We have one more chapter to go which is on multiplying and dividing fractions (this should go quickly) before we start Unit 4 on Algebra.  Everyone is anxious to get into the fun stuff!

7th Grade:  Due to the shorter days this week, Monday’s upcoming holiday, and Scantron testing on Tuesday, 1/20, I had to schedule a Mid-Chapter 6 Quiz for Wednesday, 1/21.  This quiz will cover lessons 1 through 5 in Chapter 6. We spent Friday reviewing and answering questions.  This is a tough chapter so please have your student spend some time over the long weekend reviewing the material.  I don’t want them to forget it!!!

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – We just had the Mid-Chapter 6 quiz and will be moving on with just 3 sections left.  I suspect they will be due for a chapter test possibly Friday, 1/23.

Algebra (HS) – We ended the mathematician IB project with an assessment quiz on what great information was taught by each of the students.  We just started Chapter 6 on “Analyzing Linear Equations”.  I am sure I will assess them with a quiz mid-week as we move through the first two sections.


Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra

To show or not to show your Math work.  Most of the students “do just get it” as a result of their intuitive personalities and find it burdensome to show their work.  We have had interesting discussions in Math class when it comes to solving two-step problems.  We talked about different approaches to solving the same problem and the value to show work.  My goal this semester is to have the students buy into the usefulness of writing out the steps and hopefully have an incentive (other than a nagging teacher) to do so.


Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey


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Religion- Mrs. Slifka

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Design- Mrs. Clopton


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PE- Coach Spicer


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Music- Mrs. Taylor


Composer of the Month: January – Frederic Chopin

Students have not been told the composer for Jan. yet—if middle school students are able to correctly identify the new composer of the month this week they will be awarded 5 bonus points (and I will know those of you that are readingJ)

 No additional updates this week.


Art- Mrs. Dunham


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                 Next Sunday is Catholic School Sunday and the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. Watch school website for information.