Language and Literature- Mr. Schaeferliterature1_s600x600

6th Grade-  We are continuing through our novel.  There will be no vocabulary during Thanksgiving week.

7th Grade-  We will finish Poe on the 21st and start Dickens on Monday.  There will be no vocabulary during Thanksgiving week.

8th Grade-  On Tuesday the students will have their last grammar test before exams.  It will be on Unit 7- Modifiers.  After that we will work on on a class project where they will teach the class one lesson from the semester to help us review.  There will be no vocabulary during Thanksgiving week.

Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Grammar and Writing–The week of the 24th will find us finishing up the Pronoun Unit so as to avoid leftovers prior to Thanksgiving.  I’m hoping to treat the kids to a unit test on Tuesday the 25th. I will collect their daily writing journals and read as many as I can over the long weekend, though I realize it might temper my thankfulness to some extent!

7th grade Grammar and Writing– What do these people have against direct and indirect objects?  I am right here encouraging all 7th grade parents to deny your 7th grade students any pie- pumpkin, pecan, whatever- until your students can prove competence in finding not only direct but also indirect objects.  Let’s hit them where it hurts!

8th grade Literature and Writing– As it turned out, everybody’s happy at the end of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! We’ve time for another of Shakespeare’s plays, and your children, used to a diet of television’s horrifying  sicko-slasher fare are ready for real tragedy.  Though bloody, they’ll find Macbeth far more beautiful and far less sordid than, say, Criminal Minds. I hope that won’t disappoint the youngster

Mr. Short  dna-1370603787LgY

6th grade will have a test on Ch 2, lessons 3 and 4 on Monday November 24th.

7th grade will be working on ch 6 and a poster project due in a few weeks.

8th grade has received their exam study guide and will have 1 last test before exams.


Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks   Eiffel_Tower_Paris_Daylight_Blue_Sky_HD_Wallpaper_Vvallpaper.Net

6th Grade:  We are working on speaking French to talk about where we live and about our houses.  Students should be looking for a family photo to bring to school after Thanksgiving, so we can describe our families. Joyeux Jour de Grace! Bonne Fete!

7th Grade:  Your students continue to do really well speaking French in class.  We are deep into conjugating verbs and beefing up our sentences with adjectives, adverbs, cohesive devices (connecting words), and we are speaking in complete sentences and paragraphs.  Remember to review vocabulary and verbs every night. We will celebrate our successes with a class fete on Wednesday, December 3rd, 5th period (11:10-11:55).  Time to be thinking about what FRENCH treat your child wants to bring to share with the class.

8th Grade:  Our Fashion Shows were great!  Your students chose great outfits and described them well.  I am working on getting the shows linked to Aurasma.  Stay tuned.  Please encourage your students to review verbs and vocabulary, and to use French at home and in class.  Merci!

Bonne fin de semaine~  Mme Rooks

Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson hola

6th grade-  We finished up our Geography study on Mexico and Spain and will have a test on Tuesday.  We will move on to Unit 3A in our Exploring Spanish book where we will learn weather, calendar and how to tell time in Spanish.

7th grade- We continue with Unit 4 and practicing ar verbs in the plural.  This week they will also learn three irregular verbs: estar, dar and ir.  Since they mostly follow the “ar” verb patterns they are introduced at this time.

8th grade- We finished up our Health Unit and are ready to move on to Unit 9 where they will talk about activities that they do in the summer and the winter.  They will learn to use the  preterite  so that they can express actions that began and ended at a definite time in the past.

All the  Spanish students will receive a “study guide” for the midterm the first week of December!



NOTICE:   Math Lab continues to meet on Monday and Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in the MS math room.

6th Grade:  I decided to give a small decimal multiplication and division retest this past Thursday.  If the students score higher than on their previous Chapter 4 decimal test, then I will average the two grades together.  This will help to improve their test score and seemed to make the students very happy.  If the students scored lower, then the retest will not work against them….I will just not record the grade and their Chapter 4 test grade will remain the same.  I will only have the students for one day next week with the field trip to Williamsburg on Tuesday, 11/25, and the Thanksgiving holiday.  I was hoping to finish the chapter before break but it’s not possible.  I don’t want to rush the material.  The tentative Chapter 5 Vocabulary quiz is Tuesday, 12/2, and the chapter test on Wednesday, 12/3.

7th Grade:  This week we covered through lesson 4 in Chapter 5.  The students had a small quiz on drawing “The Real Number System”.  There may be a mid-chapter quiz on Tuesday, 11/25, or Wednesday 11/26.  This is tentative.  We will not finish the chapter until after Thanksgiving break.  If all goes as planned, there is a tentative Chapter 5 Vocabulary quiz scheduled for Thursday, 12/4, and a Chapter 5 test for Friday, 12/5.

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – We were not able to get a Mid-chapter 5 quiz in this week but I am hoping to have the final Chapter 5 test before going home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  This test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 11/25.  The Vocabulary quiz is scheduled for the Tuesday after break, 12/2.  We will do some of Chapter 6 before beginning the exam review.

Algebra (HS) – There will be a Mid-chapter 5 quiz on Tuesday, 11/25.  We are close to finishing the chapter but the students need to be assessed on their understanding.  I have tentatively scheduled a Chapter 5 Vocabulary test for Tuesday, 12/2, and the chapter test for Wednesday, 12/3.

Shortly after we return from break, I will be providing each class with Study Guides for the mid-term exams.  All classes will be tested on material in Chapters 1-5 and there may be some Chapter 6 material (to be determined later). 

Have a great weekend and wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Ms. Koehler


Mrs. Schiavo – Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra

Mrs. Schiavo – Pre-Algebra

This week we started Chapter 5  – an introduction to the study of rational numbers or fractions.  Many students seem to be challenged by rational numbers, they seem to have difficulty with the conceptual aspects of fractions.  It is the first time the students truly have to deal with abstract mathematics.  My goal is to use lots of real-life examples to try to demystify FRACTIONS.


Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey       world-history-map

6th grade US History

The 6th graders will continue their study of the Articles of Confederation on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday, of course, is their field trip to Colonial Williamsburg. The buses will depart at 7:20 am and will return to Saint Mary’s at 3:15. Please remember that lunch isn’t included, so pack up something to eat. You will be doing a lot of walking.

7th grade US History

The students will continue working on their mini-Ellis Island Gallery project. The students have been so excited to share their family histories with everyone!

8th grade World Civilizations

The 8th grade students will take a test on chapter 3 on Tuesday. This is a change in the schedule announced in last week’s newsletter.


My family, like many others, has a tradition of each person stating one thing they are grateful for during Thanksgiving dinner.  This holiday I will be sharing my gratitude for being a part of the Saint Mary’s faculty. What a blessing it is to work in such a Christ-centered environment! I wish you and your wonderful family a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time together!

Mrs. Pam Tuskey


Religion- Mrs. Slifka13136991231259024590Mary Mother of

All Grades:

  • We are currently in the process of buying new bibles and have had discussions about taking care of God’s Sacred Scripture.  



We will have pop quizzes every so often- on the content covered in class.  This info will be in the Jesus Journal- and students may have an opportunity to use their journals at times during the quiz. This to help them take better notes with me in class and they are intended to help them prepare for the mid-term.  If a student is absent, it is important that they have a buddy to copy notes from.  Most students have had a quiz already- corrected quizzes should stay in the Jesus Journal as a study tool for mid-term preparation.

6th gradeReverence for the bible, What is scripture, & how should we treat our bible?  Know the books of the Pentateuch, authors and key stories. 10 commandments and Moses.

7th- authorship and formation of the New Testament; know the books of the New Testament and begin to understand the various parts.

8th- Finished up God’s Not Dead and our response to standing up for what we believe in today’s culture, Chapter 4- the Great Commandment and Theological Virtues.  Also- please consider purchasing the book that goes with Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic program that I am using.  I sent home a letter on how to purchase this book:  The workbook is all that you need-  $4 which includes shipping. I will still be providing materials for any students who do not wish to order.


Design- Mrs. Cloptonlarge-Desktop-computer-PC-with-LCD-screen-,-keyboard-and-mouse-66.6-1993

6th Grade-   Students will be presenting projects in class. I am really impressed with how students have embraced learning the Design Cycle.  I am looking forward to presentations.


7th Grade- Students have been learning about Moore’s Law, the Digital Divide, and how technology has impacted society.  Students will be working on their Prezis related to these concepts.


8th  Grade- Students have been researching online on a topic related to their Community Project. Students need to meet with their mentor by Thanksgiving.


PE- Coach Spicerballoons-and-balls

No updates for this week.


Music- Mrs. Taylor87-1265714548Otmq

Composer of the Month: November/Johannes Brahms

If you are ready to settle down for a long winter’s nap take a listen to Wiegenlied


6th grade-Begin Music 2nd Semester. They may bring their Music Process Journals (1 in. binder) down to the music room to be labeled and stored.


7th grade-All solos and narrations for our Christmas program will be sent home next week. All 7th grade students have a unique role in the production and will begin working on their portion in the next coming weeks. Our Christmas program and Nativity will be presented here in the church on the night of Tues. Dec. 16th 7-8pm.


8th grade-Religious Arts: Brainstorming has begun for our 8th grade production. Each student has been asked to evaluate how they will individually best serve our project using their unique abilities. Great concepts and big picture ideas have been discussed!

8th grade-A great first brainstorming session on our Dinner Theater Culminating Project. I was especially touched to hear that the students were inspired by a video that I showed them about a former student and family friend. They would like to donate the proceeds of the night to the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

More info on his story, the foundation, and Imagine Dragons can be found here:


Art- Mrs. Dunham 

Currently collecting:  flattened cereal boxes, ribbon, clean plastic lids (from drink containers, jars, milk, etc.), and egg cartons.

6th Grade Art

Sixth graders are making progress creating Totem Lanterns out of paper.  They are learning how to create a 3-D sculpture out of  2-D material.  It is harder than you might think!   I am seeing a lot of growth in the drawing skills of those who are diligently spending the 20 minutes per week working on  homework in their  Process Journal.

6th Grade Religious Art

The lovely decorative pennants made in Religious Arts  will soon grace the walls in the Religion room. Their lettering and illustrations make the verses come to life!  This week we have started the planning process in the Process Journals for their collographs.  Some students have even begun building up their printing plates for the next step in this new-to-them printing process.

8th Grade Art

Eighth graders have been diligently working on their mixed-media Faith Ringgold memory project.