Language and Literature- Mr. Schaeferliterature1_s600x600

6th Grade- The students have begun reading  Cheaper by the Dozen this week.  This is nothing like the Steve Martin movie.   The students are enjoying the exploits of the family fourteen in this episodic novel.  There will be a vocabulary test on Unit 6 on Friday, November 7th.

7th Grade-  We completed To Kill a Mockingbird on Wednesday and a test on the novel will be on Monday, November 3rd.   To get in the Halloween spirit we have begun reading some Edgar Allan Poe short stories.  Hopefully I am creeping them out more than on a normal day of class.  There will be a vocabulary test on Unit 6 on Friday, November 7th.

8th Grade-  Since the 8th grade will miss my class on Monday, their test on verbs will be on Thursday, November 6th.  There will be a vocabulary test on Unit 6 on Friday, November 7th.

Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Grammar and Writing–  I’ve moved the Noun Unit test to Monday Nov. 3rd, as your young ‘uns were squealing about too many tests this week. Emotional blackmail being what it is, I’ll arrange a suitably challenging 40 or 50 questions. They should do a few Google quizzes (google e.g., ‘possessive nouns quiz’) while they’re all wired up on Halloween candy.  Boo!

7th grade Grammar and Writing– I could talk about Verbs all day! Even the 7th graders, usually so morose during grammar lessons, are realizing that without verbs, they couldn’t do anything!  We’re (that is, I am) going to blather on about them for a few more sessions and then dazzle them with an assessment, mid-week.

8th grade Literature and Writing– Just as Odysseus and his ill-fated crew sail away from the house of Death, the 8th grade is leaving the Odyssey behind, though I’m hoping the experiences are not equivalent.  After the break for parent-teacher conferences, we’ll begin Shakespeare.  Please make sure their Elizabethan clothes are back from the dry cleaners!

Science- Mr. Short  dna-1370603787LgY

6th grade: Will have a test on chapter 2 lessons 1 and 2. This includes macromolecules, cell theory and 17 cell parts. Last week the students made cells out of jello and got to dissect them on Halloween.

7th grade: Will have a test on Monday on Ch 4. Next week we will begin ch 6 adaptation.

8th grade: Will have a field trip on Monday. The students need to pack a peanut free snack and lunch and dress warmly.


Language Acquisition- Madame Rooks   Eiffel_Tower_Paris_Daylight_Blue_Sky_HD_Wallpaper_Vvallpaper.Net


6th Grade- We are enjoying our unit on the Geography of France, including learning about 12 important cities.  We are watching a great movie about France, as well as Mme Rooks’ movies and photos of the two St. Mary’s trips we took in 2009 and 2012.  Please ask your students to share with you some of what they have learned about France and what they have found intriguing and exciting about L’Hexagone!  They should be prepared to tell you about some cities they would like to visit with you, when they one day go to France, and why.  The students created some fun posters for the “Great Cognate Search”, which are in the hallway near the trophy case.  Stop by and see them!

7th Grade- We have recently begun a new unit which involves talking about “a day in the life of” a French student, an American student (that’s us) , and a student at our sister school in Haiti. We will be discussing how the days are different and what similarities there are.  We will also consider why these differences exist and how our place in time and space helps shape who we are.   Students are learning how to conjugate at least 20 new regular –er verbs and to discuss before and after school activities as well.  We are training ourselves to use only French in class.  I’m really proud of their progress.  They have sentence posters in the Elementary School wing if you get a chance to stop by.

8th Grade- Fashion is our topic these days!  We are discussing clothing and how our clothing tells others about us.  We are learning to talk about clothing and shopping for it in French.  This will include presenting a Fashion Show in the next few weeks.  We are excited, as this is always a favorite activity.  We also had a delightful time working with Mme Lee’s 2nd graders on a webquest about La Tour Eiffel.  We watched a neat video of an eagle released from the top of the Tower, wearing a camera (talk about fashion!), flying all the way into the city of Paris.

Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson hola


6th grade-  We finished our first Unit in Spanish.  We have moved on and are talking about the Day of the Dead as we begin our geography unit. The first two countries we will study are Spain and Mexico.  We will using Google Earth to look closely at some of the sights that we are studying.  It will be fun to go in a bullfight ring. I am quite certain that will be the first thing they look for!

7th grade-  We have completed Unit 3 on School supplies and clothing.  We learned about the famous designer Oscar de la Renta.  Our next Unit we will talk about school and school activities and MORE “ar” verbs!  So, we will continue to practice and drill our verbs.

8th grade-  We are finishing up our Health unit in Spanish and performed and recorded our “Ay” skits.  I will post pictures in the hallway and  also send them home with the students. If you  download  Aurasma and point at the photo you will be able to see you child’s medical skit.

Math- Mrs. KoehlerMath

NOTICE: Remember, Math Lab is on Monday and Wednesdays from 3:00 – 4:00 in the Math Room. Please have your student utilize this resource if they need it.


NOTICE:  Remember, there will be no Math Lab on Wednesday due to Parent Conferences.  Math Lab will be held on Monday as usual.

6th Grade:  We finished the week with a Chapter 4 test.  We are moving along right on schedule and should be through Chapter 6 by midterms.  Next week, we will start Chapter 5 on Fractions and Decimals.  We will cover converting from one to the other including concepts on GCF, LCM, simplifying fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions.  I don’t see any quizzes or tests on the agenda for next week with only a 3 day school week!

7th Grade:  We finished the week in one of the classes with a Mid-Chapter 4 quiz.  Due to the parade, the 3rd period class will have their quiz on Monday.  Please be sure to ask your student so they don’t forget to study on this busy Halloween weekend.  This chapter has several “new” concepts like monomials and factoring algebraic expressions using the GCF.  This has proven to be a little challenging for some so be sure to check with your student on how they are doing.  We will continue to practice it as we move through the chapter.  With a 3 day week, I don’t foresee a test until the week of November 11th.

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – We finished the week with a Chapter 4 test.  The students will not be back in class with me until next Thursday due to the field trip and parent conference days.  We will be having a Chapter 4 Vocabulary quiz on Friday, November 7th.   We did some trigonometry in this chapter and practiced on how to use the scientific calculator to find sine, cosine, and tangent.  You may want to consider going ahead and purchasing the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator now since your student will need this in high school next year.  It is not required but your student may find it helpful to get used to using it.

Algebra (HS) – The re-tests on Chapter 3 turned out better for most but some are still needing to strengthen their skills.  Please have your student come to math lab or get a tutor if you find they are struggling.  You do not want them to get behind because Algebra just builds on concepts.  We are working in Chapter 4 and took a little mini quiz on Lessons 1 and 2 Friday.  I am hoping that assessing the students more frequently will insure they are studying nightly and master each concept.  We will be doing some trigonometry in this chapter and practicing on the scientific calculator to find sine, cosine, and tangent.  You may want to consider going ahead and purchasing the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator now since your student will need this in high school next year.  It is not required but your student may find it helpful to get used to using it.

Happy Halloween to All!

Ms. Koehler

MYP Math

Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra

I wish you could have been there to hear the, “now I get it, I got it, woot woot I am on line 7, I love these kinds of puzzles, this is fun.”  I wish you could have been there to see the facial expressions as the light bulb went off in their head.  The task the students  were excited about required precise reading and the ability to follow directions together with completing The Prime Pyramid and discovering neat patterns.  I literally had to tell the students we HAVE TO LEAVE, the after school care children are knocking at our door.


Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey       world-history-map

No updates this week.

Religion- Mrs. Slifka13136991231259024590Mary Mother of

All Grades: • Living Portrait Project– Wow-what a great job studying the saints! We are finishing up all living portrait assessments.  Some classes will be at the parade and will need to present for me next week.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your kids.  Watching them present to their mass buddies and various other classes was wonderful.

For November our Prayer will focus on Being Thankful and exploring book of Psalms.  Can you figure out the prayer puzzle below?  It comes from Psalms.  Please share your ideas with your child and have them bring in their guess for this prayer to me. (this is optional- but I thought it might be fun for you to do together at home)


jeanne pic


Design- Mrs. Cloptonlarge-Desktop-computer-PC-with-LCD-screen-,-keyboard-and-mouse-66.6-1993

6th Grade- Students have started to work on their Design Projects.  This project will be completed in class and will be due the week of November 17th.

7th Grade- Students will begin their next in class assignment this week.

8th Grade- Students will begin to meet with their teacher mentor concerning their community project beginning as early as this week.  It is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with their mentor before Thanksgiving.   Students are also in the process of learning how to write a research paper that is related to their community project. The majority of the research paper will be completed in class.

PE- Coach Spicerballoons-and-balls

The middle school students are starting their basketball unit.

6th grade has been reviewing and practicing their skill work, including dribbling, passing, and shooting.

7th and 8th grade have been reviewing these skills, as well, and have started with small sided games.  Next week, these students will learn/review the rules for basketball, and they will focus on teamwork and team offensive and defensive strategy.

Music- Mrs. Taylor87-1265714548Otmq

Composer of the Month: We said goodbye to Bach, although he will always be “back”–new composer next week.

6th grade-Begin Music 2nd Semester. They may bring their Music Process Journals (1 in. binder) down to the music room to be labeled and stored.

7th grade– We began working on a new song, please ask your student to “Go Tell” you what their role is in the Nativity in case they haven’t yet shared. Our Christmas program and Nativity will be presented here in the church on the night of Tues. Dec. 16th 7-8pm.

Religious Arts:

8th grade-A great first brainstorming session on our Dinner Theater Culminating Project. I was especially touched to hear that the students were inspired by a video that I showed them about a former student and family friend. They would like to donate the proceeds of the night to the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

More info on his story, the foundation, and Imagine Dragons can be found here:

Art- Mrs. Dunham

6th Grade Art

Sixth graders have completed their painting project. They have begun experimenting and manipulating paper as a medium for their Value of Light paper lantern project.

In Religious Arts, students have been working on a mixed media decorative pennant, incorporating a chosen Bible verse into their design.

8th Grade Art

Monday’s eighth graders took a break this week from the project at hand (Faith Ringgold Memory Quilt drawing/collage) and worked on some Poe inspired charcoal drawings of “The Raven”.  Results were “grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and ominous”. In other words, a success!  Friday’s art class will not meet this week due to the Saint’s Parade.


Other Updates:

No school Tues. 11/4 and Wed. 11/5 for Parent Teacher Conferences

Saint Mary’s Marketplace on Thursday 11/6/14

Thank you for your generosity!  The total money raised during these activities: Pink Day (Student + teacher) $994.45

World Mission Day $425.12