Language and Literature- Mr. Schaeferliterature1_s600x6006th Grade- We should be finishing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer sometime during the week of 10/13. We will have a quiz on Chapters 23-35 on Friday. We are not going to have any vocabulary during the week of 10/13. We will pick back up with vocabulary unit 5 on 10/20.

7th Grade- Today we really started getting into the trial. The students are reading about the people testifying and seeing how Atticus is doing his best to help Tom be exonerated of the charges brought against him. The students wrote some great short essays on modern “diseases” that could occur in our society or even our school. One of the most written about “diseases” was the obsession many teenagers have with social media and/or technology. We are not going to have any vocabulary during the week of 10/13. We will pick back up with vocabulary unit 5 on 10/20.

8th Grade- The students are gearing up for a quiz on verbs on Tuesday. We will review prior to the quiz on Tuesday. The rest of the week we will spend delving into irregular verbs. We are not going to have any vocabulary during the week of 10/13. We will pick back up with vocabulary unit 5 on 10/20.

Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Writing and Grammar—– The kids have finished their Opinion Essays and are now awaiting mine! During the week of the 13th, we’ll be moving into Unit 2 of our Grammar text, which will be just like Oktoberfest, but with Nouns.

7th grade Writing and Grammar–  — Though this week will be shortened by the holiday, the kids will still have their fill of Verbs, believe me. We’ll grapple with what the texts always call “Troublesome Verb Pairs” such as Accept/Except, Raise/Rise, and the Thing 1 and Thing 2 of grammar- Lay/Lie.

8th grade Literature and Writing— We’re handling some high school writing prompts and discussing strategies for hiding academic insecurities, when necessary. We’ll move into Book X of the Odyssey, which is no picnic for Odysseus, as it turns out, but the guy certainly doesn’t betray any insecurities! He’ll be a role model in that regard for a few more weeks.  

Science- Mr. Short  dna-1370603787LgY 6thThe dichotomous key is due on Tuesday. I pushed the due date to allow them to study for the test today. Next week we will begin ch 2 and learn about cells.

7th: The students will have a test mid week on ch 3.

8th: To finish up the rock cycle the students played Rock On today and will have a test middle of next week.

 All Grades: Grades close in less than 2 weeks. Make up assignments and points must be made up by Oct. 21st.

Language Acquisition- Madame RooksEiffel_Tower_Paris_Daylight_Blue_Sky_HD_Wallpaper_Vvallpaper.Net

French 6– There is no update for this week.

French 7– There is no update for this week.

French 8– There is no update for this week.

Language Acquisition- Senora Thompson Spanish 6th grade— We continue to work with numbers and colors. They will have a quiz for numbers 1-20 next week. They should be able to spell out numbers 1-10 by Wednesday and they should start working on spelling numbers 11-20 for the following week. The students love to perform skits so they have been performing some short skits for each other. Spanish 7th grade-Fashion Week! The students have finished their scripts and should be ready to perform for the class. They will have the opportunity to have a run through (or two) before they perform in front of the class. They have been working quite well with their partners and I am looking forward to see the shows. Spanish 8th grade– – We started Unit 8, Health and the Doctor. The students will now be able to tell me how they really feel. This unit is quite fun as they also get to perform a skit with a partner about a doctors visit. They will have a vocabulary quiz at the end of the week.

Math- Mrs. Koehlerdownload

NOTICE: Remember, Math Lab is on Monday and Wednesdays from 3:00 – 4:00 in the Math Room. Please have your student utilize this resource if they need it.

6th Grade: We ended the week with the Chapter 3 test on decimals and estimation. Please remind your students to study for the Chapter 3 Vocabulary Quiz which will be on Tuesday when they return! I gave the students a study guide on the board so check their notes for what to study. We will continue Unit 2 with Chapter 4 on multiplying/dividing decimals, scientific notation, and using decimals to calculate perimeter and circumference.

7th Grade: I returned the Integer Quiz this week. Please ask your student to see it. Many of the students did quite well and some need to work a bit harder mastering the integer rules. The students were instructed if they did not receive a “B” or higher to start using Khan Academy 30 minutes each day to practice integer problems and fraction problems. Both of these concepts must be mastered to be successful in Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. We had the Mid-Chapter 3 Quiz at the end of this week. The Chapter 3 Vocabulary Quiz is tentatively scheduled for Friday, 10/17 and the Chapter 3 Test for Monday, 10/20.

8th Grade:  We had a Mid-Chapter 3 Quiz this week so be sure to ask your student to see their quiz grade. There is a tentative test scheduled for Thursday next week and a vocabulary quiz scheduled for Friday. I may swap the test and quiz days with each other depending on how the students do on their practice test Wednesday. There are several vocabulary words for Chapter 3 (see page 185 vocabulary list) in their book. Start studying now for the vocabulary quiz! It is not a wise move to wait until the night before. At this point, the students should have a vocabulary study tool created. I will give them a vocabulary study guide on the board next week. This should always be in their notes before each Vocabulary quiz.

Math Riddle of the Week:

What is the largest number you can get from using just two digits?

Hint: It’s not 99. Enjoy the long weekend with your children!

Ms. Koehler MYP Math

Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra What Curious Minds your highly achieving mathematicians exhibit. Our work in solving equations using multiplication and division led to whole class discussions on zero divided by zero and dividing by zero. The students really do want to find out more – yay! Next week we will finish Chapter 3. There will be a Chapter 3 test and a cumulative test on the first three chapters.

Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey       world-history-map

6th Grade US History The students finished presenting their colonial brochures on Friday and did a very impressive job. Their task was to create a brochure for their assigned colony convincing people that their colony is the best place to live. I think I spotted several possible future marketing majors!

This week the students will learn about events in our early history that helped the American colonies develop their own identity. Before we know it, we will be fighting the Revolution! Please remember that the Colonial Williamsburg field trip signed permission slips and $42 are due by October 27th. The field trip itself takes place on November 25th.

7th Grade US History The students will finish presenting their Civil War projects on Monday. So far the projects have been of high quality and included such products as homemade hardtack, an original Civil War board game, and even two original Civil War songs written and sung in front of the class by the composers themselves!

8th Grade World Civilizations The 8th graders will finish their study of the early Egyptians, Persians, Assyrians, and Israelites by examining their Creation stories. After a test on those civilizations, we will begin our exploration of the early Indus River Valley cultures.

Religion- Mrs. Slifka

All Grades: • Living Portrait Project– All grade levels are researching a Saint for a project that will mostly be done in school. It is similar to the “live portraits” you may have seen the Harry Potter movies on the walls that come to life. Each student needs a foam board the size of normal poster board. I have shown students the size that works best. If you could pre-cut them to a 5 inch frame it will save us a lot of time. The center needs to be cut out so that it makes a frame around their face. I would like to have cut boards by the end of next week. • We will be decorating this frame in class with items that fit for their Saint/Biblical figure. They will need these items later –but I recommend collecting now. We will decorate in class. Printed pictures, stickers, fun duct tape, words or quotes,… all work well. They will hear more about this in the next two weeks. If a student falls behind, they may need to work on this at home. I do not anticipate this. The research portion should be close to complete by next week. We will start working on Frames as soon as the majority in the class are ready. To be in touch. • World Mission Day is this Sunday, but we will focus on this at our Wednesday mass in school. We are learning about this mission in class- please ask your child what they know. Our collection on Wednesday will go to this mission. We have encouraged all students to donate.

Design- Mrs. Cloptonlarge-Desktop-computer-PC-with-LCD-screen-,-keyboard-and-mouse-66.6-1993

Grade 6-  Students have finished up their classroom assignment. This assignment took a little bit longer to complete than expected. Although it took a while to complete, the students have really gotten a better grasp on the IB Design Cycle and how it works. Students will finally be introduced to their first IB project this week. This project will be done in class with the exception of materials they may need to bring in to complete their project.

Grade 7- Students will be finishing up their IB Country Poster project this week. Students will be presenting their projects in class beginning the week of Oct. 13th.

Grade 8- Students have finally narrowed down their Community Project topics and goals. Selected teachers are reviewing topics for students and will be assigned as a mentor for three students in the next week. The students will be meeting with their mentors soon to discuss their projects and get feedback.

PE- Coach Spicerballoons-and-balls

6th grade-The middle school students have completed their football unit, and they will begin their basketball unit next week (week of 10/13).

7th grade-The middle school students have completed their football unit, and they will begin their basketball unit next week (week of 10/13).

8th Grade-The middle school students have completed their football unit, and they will begin their basketball unit next week (week of 10/13).

Music- Mrs. Taylor87-1265714548Otmq

Composer of the Month: October/Johann Sebastian Bach For an October classic, check out Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor!

6th grade-Begin Music 2nd Semester. They may bring their Music Process Journals (1 in. binder) down to the music room to be labeled and stored.

7th grade-Outside Performance Critique Proposals are due next week! The students need to research and find a local musical presentation, concert, or an online music program of 30 minutes or more that they will be viewing and submitting a review of next semester. Our Christmas program and Nativity will be presented here in the church on the night of Tues. Dec. 16th 7-8pm.

8th grade-The 8th grade received many positive comments in regards to their portrayal of the Living Rosary. We will begin work on their 8th grade Culminating Class Project—early indication predicts this will be a Dinner Theater production.

Other Updates

Please take the time to read the update on  ebola and other viruses.

The MYP teachers are working on identifying owners for the Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills Framework. These skills encompass ten categories ranging from Communication to Creative Thinking. Once we decide which teacher will introduce the students to a skill, the other teachers will determine how they can best reinforce that skill in their classrooms. While the skills are the same across the MYP, the expected  mastery level increases with each year. Please stay tuned for further updates.