Technology Mrs. Clopton

6th Grade – Students will work on their iMovie trailers.  As students begin to finish up, they are encouraged to work on inputting service hours on managebac.

7th Grade-  Students will begin work on a new unit.  They have just finished creating their ringtones in class.  Currently they are competing in the battle of the bands contest to see which ringtone gets the highest number of votes.

8th Grade- Students are working on a variety of assignments in class.  They are encouraged to bring in pictures for the class slide show at the end of the year.  Students are also expected to work on their Community project both at home as well as in school.  Due date for the final  project is May 11th.

Grammar and Writing  – Mr. Maddock 

6th Grade Grammar and Writing— The Personal Narratives are due Monday the 16th.  Next we’ll move on to the Modifiers Unit and have a look at both Adjectives and Adverbs.


7th Grade Grammar and Writing— The 7th graders will also turn in their Personal Narratives on the 16th, and then focus on Prepositions, or on whatever they focus on while I’m talking about Prepositions. They should expect a quiz mid-week.


8th Grade Literature and Writing— Eighth graders will finish their reading of Treasure Island, and reflect on it like the near-high school students they are on another book test. We’ll pause briefly to read a more contemporary piece of fiction before beginning their last quarter at St. Mary’s.  Sigh.


I want to remind everyone that the Fish Fry on March 20th presents an opportunity to boost your child’s self-esteem, your Omega-3 levels, AND your own corresponding physical attractiveness in the company of several major international film stars, rock music legends, sports heroes, etc.   Don’t miss it!

Religion Mrs. Slifka

We continue to be doing uniform checks in the next few weeks.  I am counting on Parents & students to help with this.  I prefer to be present to the students in the morning concerning other things than uniforms, and I really do not like sending kids to the office first thing in the morning.  Please see the handbook if needed.


We are reciting the Act of Contrition in class for the month of March.  Please consider taking your child to confession during Lent- this conversation about healing and growing closer to Christ will really take root if you take action.  Father Mike sees Reconciliation as a great opportunity for families to participate together, and I recently experienced it with my own family.  I must admit- it was a really positive experience for us and my 11th & 5th grade boys had a really good conversation with us afterwards.

6th GradeWe are finishing up the presentations on the Beatitudes projects – I have enjoyed the creativity put into these.  Jeopardy game, a “Hat”titude Beattitude skit, prezi’s, powerpoints, … and posters.  I am impressed!

We have focused on Kindness this past week and talked about being a “bystander”.  We will be looking at Respect next.  I have been covering lessons from this program and we certainly have had discussions and lessons that include hope, peace, courage and gratitude (an many more) throughout the year—however, many times they are incorporated into other lessons in class that overlap with other strands in the religion program curriculum.  The word Peace maker has been used often and is up and down the halls of middle school- and in times of conflict, we have brought up the scripture or key words used in the program.  I am happy to say that many of our kids have a good grasp on acts of kindness & peacemaking- even while we all continue to grow in these areas.

7th GradeI am so impressed with the presentations so far on the Gifts & the Fruits of the Spirit.  I have almost seen them all—but plan on it early next week. (I mentioned Google sites so students can work from each home if needed and collaborate on line. I also have an account which I shared with them  This way they can share with me for their presentation.  THEY DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS- if they have a different type of presentation.  I gave them choice with this assignment.  Flash drives are fine too if needed.

8th Grade- We continue to researching the various councils throughout our Church History.  We may need to research at home late next week if not enough is completed in class.  Students are assigned a specific council to research and present to the class.  Research has been extended to no later than Friday, March 20th due to the ACRE TESTING and the weather.  We will be taking the ACRE assessment the week of March 16th.  Monday or Tuesday will be used to fill in the personal information and review, so that the days of testing will be time focused on the test.  Students will take Part 1 on Thursday and part 2 on.  Please be certain that your child attends school well rested.  I have 8th grades during period 3 and 5.

The purpose for this test is to examine the cumulative knowledge of the Catholic faith so that we can make adjustments as needed to our religious program.  The areas assessed are Knowledge of Faith, Liturgical Life, Moral Formation, Prayer, Communal Life, and Missionary Spirit.

We do not teach to this test.  It is important to discover how much general knowledge students are retaining from the curriculum.

Students will need 2-3 number two pencils and erasers, and a good night’s rest.

Thanks for all you do to help your children with their spiritual development.  It truly shows and I have absolute affection and respect for them.


 Music Mrs. Taylor

Composer of the Month: March: Franz Joseph Haydn-“Papa Haydn” the Father of the modern symphony orchestra.

6th grade: We continue to work on material for the Spring Sing which will be held here on Friday May 1st.

8th grade: The Dinner Theater production date has been set as Wed. May 6th est. beginning time of 6pm. The student’s received their positions this week!



6th Grade–  The students were aghast along with Jonas when he found out about some of the ugly secrets in the community.  We continue to have fantastic discussions  in class.  There will be a quiz on the novel on either Wednesday or Thursday.  Wednesday is the last day for anyone to turn in delinquent homework for half credit.  On Friday, March 20th, there will be a spelling test on Unit 12.

7th Grade–  As the end of the war approaches in Europe, Anne wonders if they we will really ever be free and what a “free” life might even be in post-war Europe.  There should be a quiz on either Wednesday or Thursday on our more recent reading.  Wednesday is the last day for anyone to turn in delinquent homework for half credit.  On Friday, March 20th, there will be a spelling test on Unit 12.

8th Grade–  We have spent the week learning about research methods and trying to determine what is a good source of information when doing internet research.  Each student has researched a topic of interest and is compiling three web sources, so we can look at examples of credible sources.  Next week will be working on researching their assigned research topics and putting them into MLA format.   On Friday, March 20th, there will be a spelling test on Unit 12.


 NOTICE:   Math Lab continues to meet on Monday and Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in the MS math room.

6th Grade Pre -Algebra – Mrs.  Schiavo

 We are continuing our work in Linear Equations.  This week we looked at finding slopes and y-intercepts given various information about the line, drawing the best fit line to estimate rates of change and solving then graphing a system of equations.  The students enjoyed the section on the best fit line and found graphing a system of linear equations to be the most challenging.  We also completed several reinforcement worksheet on inequalities


 Math-   Ms. Koehler

6th Grade-    It continues to be an adventure in the world of Algebra.  The students are starting to understand the necessity of mastering the integer rules as we learn about coefficients.  I have been having the students do some take-home quizzes (requiring parent signature stating they did not receive any help on the work); however, they are allowed to use their book and notes but absolutely NO CALCULATORS!  I am doing this to preserve time in the classroom for instruction in order to cover the curriculum.  The students lose points without parent signature so please do your part in this!  Periodically, the students are being assessed on the integer rules.  We will have a strong finish on Chapter 9 learning how to do 2-step equations and graphing functions.  The chapter test is scheduled for Wednesday, 3/18, and the chapter vocabulary quiz for Thursday, 3/19.

7th Grade:  Chapter 8 has 10 lessons; therefore, I am breaking the chapter up into 2 tests instead  of a mid-chapter quiz.  The  students took the Part 1 test Friday on Lessons 1-4 and Lesson 6.  The Part 2 test will be on Lessons 5 and 7-10.  The Part 2 test is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, 3/24, and the chapter vocabulary quiz for Monday, 3/23. Please remind your son/daughter the material is getting more difficult and proper study time is absolutely essential!

8th Grade:

Advanced Algebra (HS) – We continued to work this week on learning different methods for solving systems of equations (substitution, elimination, and graphing).  The Chapter 8 test is scheduled for Tuesday, 3/17, and the vocabulary quiz for Wednesday, 3/18.  I know some of the students may feel the material is being presented at a fast pace but the advanced class requires a lesson/day to complete the necessary curriculum.  Please remind your son/daughter the material is getting more difficult and proper study time is absolutely essential!

Algebra (HS) – We completed Chapter 7 this week with a test on Thursday.  The vocabulary quiz is scheduled for Tuesday, 3/17.  We started Chapter 8 where we will be learning about different methods for solving systems of equations  (substitution, elimination, and graphing).  Please remind your son/daughter the material is getting more difficult and proper study time is absolutely essential!



Spanish- Mrs. Thompson

6th grade will have a quiz on the verb “ser” in the singular form.  They will have a test for Unit 1 the following week.

7th grade will have a quiz on the verbs end in  “ir” & “er”.  We are finishing up the food unit and will have a test within the next two weeks. National Spanish exam practice will take place on Wednesday and Thursday after school next week.

 8th grade is continuing to work on Unit 10.  They will be taking the National Spanish Exam March 18th and 19th during class.


ART- Mrs. Dunham

6th Grade Religious Arts– Sixth graders have completed their Madonna and Child pieces.  Most will be on display in the May Art Show, though some students have chosen their winter landscapes for the show instead.  Currently, students are working on their Illuminated Manuscript piece in colored pencil. Please remind students to continue to bring their Process Journal to Religious Art each time they come.

7th Grade Art-Seventh graders have just completed their “Rad Bike” project, which focused on composition and contrast.  Currently, students are beginning to work on exercises in perspective in preparation for their upcoming one-point perspective project.  Students are still given drawing assignments on a weekly basis. These should take NO LESS than twenty minutes per assignment.



All grades: The Science fair due date has been moved to Monday March 23. The actual fair is Thursday March 26th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. All students are expected to attend.

8th grade will have a test on Wednesday.